How the Endless survived

spoiler for Halo Infinite Audio Log, and hypothesis

The Endless survived the Halos firing, and were found afterwards when the preserved species on the Lesser Ark were returned to their homeworlds.

The only canonical means for an organic creature to survive the Halos without being on the Halos themselves is to be in temporal stasis, like the Primordial was. The Primordial was in a time-lock, built by Precursors and altered by Humanity, but when the Forerunners fired a Halo at that world, the timelock was destroyed, releasing the Primordial.

That coincides with the prominent speculation on the Endless being the Precursors, those that put themselves into stasis instead of turning themselves into dust.

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Seems unlikely seeing as Precursors look nothing like the Endless. Precursors as far as I can tell as supposed to be looking like some kind of monster type thing and the Endless kind of look more like human/Forerunners. I find it weird that they kept comparing the Endless to the Flood since I didn’t care for caring about races that were clearly rip off of things like the Didact aka Forerunner.

Plus never got the same excitement of meeting the Endless as I did with the Flood so no clue why there trying to act like the Endless are somehow cooler. I didn’t even enjoy fighting the flying Skimmers.

Maybe they made a time jump before the destruction ray of the Halo.

The description of the Primordial suggests that it was already a Gravemind when it was sealed away. I believe it was the Didact who described it as having parts that looked like they came from several different creatures.

I expect the Endless are the form the Precursors took before the Forerunners rebelled.

And the Forerunner Trilogy strongly implies that humans and Forerunners were once the same species, so similarities between them and their creators make perfect sense.


Umm there’s concept art for the older Precursors that look different enough. Plus they can change form at will but I think it be kind of lazy if all the big races looked too human so I’d rather the Endless not be Precursors because then they would feel like another lazy Forerunner clone species. Well I kind of guess Forerunners/Humans would look similar but I just want a bit of variety with the different species in design.

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Concept art only shows the non-finalized ideas for what something might be. They’re not part of canon.

And the Forerunners and Humans are so similar because the Forerunners were previously human, but over millenia, they altered their genetics by incorporating “desirable” traits from other races into themselves until they no longer look like base-line humanity.

And the Endless have distinct differences in their body shape from humanity. Their feet even bend the opposite direction, and they have four mouth parts. If anything, they look more like slender sangheilli than they do humans, including the four-digit hand with a thumb on each side. The variety is there.

The only species that’s really a lazy knock-off is the Yonhet, and they’ve mercifully only appeared in a comic and one movie.

I’m just saying from a 3d design point of view the Endless seem too similar to humans/forerunners. Look at different races for example…the grunts and Hunters look very different, the same goes for Elites and Brutes. I just want a bit of variety in the designs just like the Flood have many different designs. Not saying any race is exactly the same but I just want enough variation or things will get very repetitive.

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I’m pretty sure this is incorrect. It is true that Bungie had originally intended for the Forerunner to have actually been human*, but they changed their minds about this at some point (and yes it was Bungie that changed the dirctionb fore 343i took over). Canonically speaking, the Forerunner and humans are different species and always have been. If you have a source that says otherwise, I’d love to see it. Yes, Guilty Spark’s line at the end of Halo 3 does tell Master Chief that he is Forerunner, but this has been retconned to have a symbolic meaning. Guilty Spark means that humanity is the inheritor of all Forerunners, because to his knowledge, no Forerunner survives.

*One of the old Bungie employees said as much in a thread on years ago.

Check the first point under Production Notes in the Halopedia article for Forerunner. Is states the same thing with references:

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I suggest reading the Forerunner Trilogy again, paying special attention the multitude of times the similarities between human and Forerunner biology are brought up, as well as it being explicitly stated that Forerunners had speculated on shared heritage, but rejected it because they found it unpalatable, not due to a lack of evidence or the existence of evidence against it. The fewer mutations a Forerunner has undergone, the more they look like humans, and the Forerunners of Path Kethona (that stopped genetically altering themselves ten-million years prior) look even more like humans than Bornstellar does at the start of Halo Cryptum.

Also look closely at the decision of the Forerunners to put Humanity on Erde-Tyrene, a world that clearly had no history of human presence on it. It was obviously not humanity’s homeworld, but the Forerunners didn’t want to look for it, likely because they didn’t want to know the answer (see previous paragraph).

The Precursors also promised that they’d give the Mantle over to the descendants of their chosen species in the ancient past, and they later told the Forerunners that they were preparing Humanity to receive the Mantle. Humanity and the Forerunners being descendants from the same species means they were once the same species, and it’s easy to see that the original species was humanity, that the Forerunners deviated due to their extensive genetic engineering on themselves.

One doesn’t need to reference ret-conned lore from Bungie to show that humans and Forerunners are canonically formerly of the same species.


But the array destroyed the neural physics of that sort of tech as well as organic life so the time lock shouldn’t have been a counter.
I sure hope time manipulation isn’t a route 343i go in.

A timelock just has to maintain the temporal stasis of the occupant long enough for Halo’s energy wave to pass. And the Primordial’s Timelock prison was constructed from matter, not Neuro-pysical material, evidenced by the empty structure remaining after the Halos fired. It’s not clear why the timelock failed after being exposed to Halo’s energy.

It’s possible that there was a neuro-physical component that kept it stable, and the timelock ended shortly after the Halo fired due to that missing piece.

Could’ve been the time lock used localized slipspace in a way. That’s how Onyx worked, the structure itself was shielded from the Halos by being in slipspace. The slipspace crystal from First Strike also had time diluting effects. Seems like there could be a connection.

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I think the Endless are the Precursors naturally re-evolved, as they have evolved and devolved countless times in their existence for whatever reasons.

The Librarian found the two Precursor samples in Path Kethona, and hid them on Bastion and repurposed the planet to eventually bring the Precursors(or some form of them) back to life to correct the Forerunners past mistake.

I think Bastion shielded the Xalanyn from the Halo Array and/OR maybe as the Xalanyn naturally evolved over time they began to “remember” certain things, mainly the neural physics of their ancestors. Once imprisoned by the Grand Edict, the Xalanyn were put inside of the Domain… a system of neural physical energy that was originally created by their ancestors. This unlocked the truth to the Xalanyn, it was essentially a wikipedia website explaining every event they had missed over the millennia… The Xalanyn, still capable of communication while “imprisoned” plotted and planned their destiny and their new identity as The Endless. A bit cheesy? Sure, but I think the culmination of Halo’s lore should be the Precursor’s re-evolving or coming back, as they always do.

I would also like to think that Neural Physics will be explored a little bit, showcasing that it is actually a form/type of time manipulation that the Precursors mastered and the Xalanyn/Endless are only just beginning to understand (or maybe they evolved to perfect it even further).

Then I think the TRUE big bad is going to be when The Flood and Xalanyn/Endless combine.

Alright so the interpretation that humans and Forerunner were once the same or perhaps both descended from a common ancestor fits with established canon, but has not been explicitly stated to be the case.

Also Primordium puts forth that Earth is the most likely home world for humanity, even though there is some debate about it.

It’s already been stated that ancient Humanity arose on the planet known as Charum Hakkor, which was first inhabited by the Precursors long before any significant wars. Ancient Humanity built their cities on top of these Precursor structures, not knowing that they belonged to their creators. They reverse engineered what they found and became super powers of the universe, until the Flood severely weakened them before the Forerunners finished them off.

Then when the Forerunners devolved humanity back to tribal status after they won the war, they stuck the human remnants on the lesser planet known as Erde-Tyrene, which is now known as, Earth.

What? Where does it say that? Charum Hakkor was colonized by humans after they became space faring and they chose to make it their capital. It’s been a long time since I read the Greg Bear novels, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they say. I haven’t yet read Point of Light, Shadows of Reach, or Divine Wind yet.

And yes, I know Earth and Erde-Tyrene are two names for the same planet.

There is no planet mentioned before Charum Hakkor. Ancient Humanity is thought to have come from Charum Hakkor… anything else is speculation or theory.

What are your sources? Primordium directly states that humanity lost direct records of where they originated from, but Yprin’s research led her to believe that Earth was their home world, though Forthencho and others still think that it’s up for debate.

At no point in any of the books (like I said I am not totally caught up in the most recent novels) is Charum Hakkor presented as humanity’s birthplace. It quite directly states that they discovered it after they had already become a very advanced space faring civilization, and they chose to make it their capital.

Type Charum Hakkor or Ancient Humanity Halo into Google and have fun reading.

Yes, but what other valid information do we have before these events? Nothing besides speculation and theory. Could they have came from somewhere else? Sure… but as of right now, the evidence points at Charum Hakkor… not Ghibalb or any other named celestial body.

It’s not “evidence”. I don’t care what Google says. It directly states what I’m saying about Charum Hakkor in the Greg Bear novels.

Or look at Halopedia, where all info is cited from direct sources: Hakkor