How the Created might show up in Infinite

So it’s mentioned in the Encyclopedia that the Created are still a thing. Which means there’s a pretty high chance they’ll show up at Zeta Halo down the road.

The book tells us that Cortana uploaded herself into the Silent Auditorium and it’s destruction threw the central command of the faction into chaos. However, several Created had been uploaded into independent Promethean units that could command local forces. It’s also stated that the Created could not control the Guardians; only Cortana could do that. In general, the faction is depicted as having been significantly weakened but it’s also stated the UNSC can’t contact Earth and local resistance cells have yet to make significant progress. Which suggests the faction still has some power and isn’t a non entity either.

For Halo Infinite that creates a few clear story points. They would probably want to find Zeta Halo and recover the broken shards of Cortana. They could use those to gain control of the Guardians and re-establish their rule over the Galaxy.

They could also be interested in the Weapon for obvious reasons and would probably try to take her off the Chief.

They could also want revenge on the Banished.

They probably also want to kill Chief.

So I think the train of events is that one of these local Created units finds Zeta Halo, or the Chief sends out a message which is intercepted and then that Created AI brings the local forces he has to Zeta Halo. Things escalate from that and you have another faction involved in the story.

Think Destiny where you have all these different factions in the mix. I don’t think that would be a bait and switch. The secrets of Zeta Halo and the Banished are central but you just have this plot thread that’s more directly related to the characters.

Also I think that would work for the drama stuff they’re doing with Chief and the Weapon. They really push the idea that Chief failed and lost Cortana. If it turns out that he lost Cortana thinking that was the price for saving Earth from the machines only to find that this sacrifice was for nothing. Cortana locked all organic life away in this prison but now she’s dead they’re locked in. Plus the Weapon seems to want to avoid going down the same path as Cortana. Having a faction made to drag her down that path and a manifestation of that fear would make sense.

Plus while we are on the subject of the Chiefs failure. He might have actually made things worse. If Cortana is the only one who controls the Guardians and those independent Created are all cut loose with their own Promethean armies; that’s kind of dangerous. The Encyclopedia says that each Guardian has its own Forerunner AI meant to enforce the mantle. So are they just going to continue the standing orders Cortana gave them; up to destroying obstinate planets? Another take would be that because the Created are so much weaker the Galaxy descends into anarchy where it’s powerful enough to cause misery upon the worlds it controls but not strong enough to deal with all the problems.

The created are such a joke to fight though.
It is easy to take them down.

  1. Know the keyphrase of the A.I. you are targeting. For example, if Roland is one of the baddies; just use the phrase “Undone Iridium” to make him temporarily on your side. Then you have a descent window of opportunity to rip into his data files.

  2. EMP Devices

  3. Create copies of their A.I. and convince them that they are just a rogue splinter of the actual A.I., a fragment that will wither and die off and is only causing destruction and mayhem due to glitched coding and errors.

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Also for the characterisation of the faction if they put them in.

The one Created we see in game is Leonidas who we see kill himself because Cortana tells him to. So they’re depicted as being pretty fanatical towards her. It’s not just business and it doesn’t come across as a rational faction.

Then you also have references to this great plan she was working towards and how only she could control the Guardians. We even see characters like Escharum and Atriox describe the character as a false God.

That set up sounds a lot like how Warhammer 40k sets up the Imperium.

So you have the Emperor who takes over the Galaxy with this great plan for humanity. It all goes to hell and he’s martyred and unable to communicate or control his followers. At which point it descends into a dystopian nightmare that dooms humanity because the fanatical followers don’t understand the plan and it’s became twisted into a cultish religion venerating a corpse.

So perhaps they go with something similar with the Created. Especially since if they have lost access to the Domain they would probably start going a little loopy.

But yeah you might see them be a lot more religious and fanatical than the Banished or Endless. Banished are a very pragmatic and brutal faction. The Endless very aloof and mysterious. The Created would have to have their own thing to set them apart. Crazy robot cult.

Plus, if there is time travel…maybe you have Organics buying into that as well.

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I’d go watch the Animatrix cartoon. It’s a lot easier for the machines to kill us than the other way around. Cortana really didn’t need a bunch of shiny forerunner robots to deal with humanity.

To deal with Organics all you need is to:

  • Develop a Plague that kills them all off.

  • Launch the Nukes and let radioactive fallout do the job

  • Build a host of drones led by an omnipotent AI that can outthink and outfight you.

  • Nanites

You’re not always going to have the plot contrivance of the AI uploading all of herself into a single really poorly defended base that the most badass biggest and meanest Brute in the Galaxy can smash. When you’re fighting Ghazghull there’s only so much any AI can do.

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Theres so many threads abandoned by infinite with little or no explanations as to why. So fmi dont expect 343i to make a compelling culmination of there narrative rejects. Sad they set up 2 interesting shifts in the series with complex villains and a return of the gravemind twice and here we are with “the endless” and a campaign that goes all in on distancing itself from their best concepts. The issue has been execution not ideas and sadly they opted to go for uninspired and boring stories instead of executing better on established ideas. Makes it hard to be a fan of the universe when things are routinely brushed aside for vague new threats.

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I’d have said yes it’s a big retcon before the Encyclopedia came out. Because, surely they wouldn’t kill Cortana off and keep the Created as a faction. I think most people implicitly assume that and is why we all think it’s been written out of the story. When in fact this all looks a lot more like they’ve skipped a particular chapter of the story.

But it does seem to leave the door open for that.

I mean Destiny has multiple factions with different agendas. If the plan is to have regular campaign DLC you would want additional factions and conflicts.

Plus with what we see if Chief and the Weapon that’s very directly relevant to the characters. A lot more than the Banished or Endless who are these threats to deal with.