How successful do you think Halo 5 would have been if it had come to PC/Steam at some point?

As someone who played more Halo 5 than any other multiplayer FPS in my life, I would argue that H5 would have been a huge success for Microsoft if it had come to the PC by 2018.

The Warzone features alone being so unique especially in the PC FPS world would have been a huge success.

Does anyone agree? Disagree?

I think it would’ve found pretty dedicated playerbase

the best time to port it to PC was in 2021 to hype up Infinite & get people caught up-to the story who have only ever experienced Reach - 4 through the MCC port

it’s a huge missed opportunity cos’ it’ll only be swallowed in Infinite’s shadow now should it be ported anytime soon.


i know summit would be playing it alot cus thats his favourite halo game… my favourite halo game was the halo 5 beta.

I like your idea. If it had come out January 2021 people would have played Halo 5 all year long. They probably would have made all their money from the PC investment in the card packs to in that amount of time.

Oh well.

I suspect Halo 5: Guardians on Steam would make a big splash as PC gamers until MCC surface have not played much outside Halo: MCC from the CD-ROM.

As much as i hate halo 5 if im honest, There is no way to tell. Mcc got attention cuz many pc gamers like me wanted to complete the og triology with halo 3. Mcc was a pretty good success and im surprised that 5k+ people still play it daily as these are old games of which many pc gamers dont have any memories (aside from 1 and 2). If they port h5 just as it is then well it will be abandoned within a week a there are many problems with aiming with a mouse and many other problems. If they fix the problems then well could have pretty good numbers

A mod would’ve come out to restore the Campaign to the original script and the fanbase would accept the mod as canon and not Brian Reed’s over-glorified fanfiction.