How should John-117's Story End?

From the games and novels that he has appeared in, Master Chief has come along way. But his story needs to end sometime. I could only think of two options:

A. He dies, which would be generic and not surprising (at least to me).

B. He could retire from his job, IF he lives.

What do you think should happen? There are more possible outcomes to his story than what I typed here.

Ambiguous fate. Chief deserves an ending that has us discussing it long after it happens. It should be up to each individual to find clues and decide for themselves whether he lived or died.

Chief is sent off to another galaxy to find the Precursors and assume their mantle.

I don’t want to see him die in battle, that’s for sure. I like the road that Ubisoft took with Ezio, creating a short animated feature of the end of Ezio’s life. I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar for the Chief.

A happy ending would be cliche. I believe the end of Chief’s story should be sad, but in a way that leaves him alive. Such as maybe that humanity loses it’s war against the Precursors returning as the flood, and they make him watch as they eradicate Humanity from the galaxy. Leaving him as the new “timeless one”. Leaving his fate ambiguous and keeping him alive, after he just watched one of the galaxy’s greatest tragedies.

It shouldn’t end…ever.

Spartans never die. They’re just missing in action.

He should trip and snap his neck