How save REQ System REQ 2.0

As many Halo Players are very against REQ system and i believe there can big rework and i think this can help all of us. So my idea can be same system how EA Battlefront 2 fixing there token system with points you score in time you live before you die you can purchase REQ. So i kill 5 grunts and get 100 points for killing them and when i die or go to station i can spend them on REQ. So everything needs give point valve instead of this 30 sec here a points and goes up nine. Now i think that everyone has all basic weapons unlocked and REQ version you get by using these weapons. So i use shotgun get 25 kills i unlock Lawgiver which can be 300 points and when ever get 300 points i can use Lawgiver and say i do unlock for Blaze of Glory is i get 25 up close kills and 100 shotgun kills and go on 5 sprees with lawgiver. This can add replayabilty to game and we go for any weapon unlock and wait get card and only have like 1 Nornfang card instead you unlock by challenges and use points get in round get weapons you want. And theirs issue with REQ packs and 343 says o money helps pro league im sorry pro league is dead and that’s different topic for another day.

So why not come up with idea help improve REQ System in future titles

I’ve already directed you to use one of the existing Halo 6 wishlist threads.