How Reach SHOULD have ended.

I felt a lot of Reach’s story problems stemmed from the fact that Noble Team did not stay together until the end of the game. It was fine that they died, but the manner in which they died I felt did not help the player feel impacted by their deaths. They felt arbitrary and out of the player’s control. Lets assume for a second that none of Noble died during the entire campaign, and that they were all there at the end of PoA (Or however the game would have turned out had Noble Team all lived)

This is how I believe Reach should have ended. This is basically the final moments of the mission “Lone Wolf”, only with the rest of Noble Team involved. This is all in real-time, other than your head being pointed in a different direction at key points:

Noble is trying to fight it out under superior fire and numbers. It is clear they will not win. Jun goes down first, counter-sniped by a jackal, and the covenant just keep coming. “NO!” we hear…Emile charges at his body, blood-drunk in a fit of rage, killing Covies left and right. He gets to the body, but dies a second later, getting gunned down by Elites. “FORGET HIM, SIX WE HAVE TO MOVE!”, Kat screams at you, as Noble team gets pressed further and further back from the Covenant hordes. But as you turn to look at her…You get hit with an energy burst, your shields are down, and then a needle bursts through your arm and leg. “SIX!”…Jorge takes you on his shoulder as you’re collapsing, you wield your sidearm as he hoists you with one arm, turret in the other. Noble Team is retreating towards a collection of rocks.

Noble Team is backed against a cliff, with sparse cover. “This is it, Noble!”, we hear from Carter. Jorge hoists you up against a rock, Kat throws you an AR with only a single spare clip. You fight for a bit, killing what Covenant you can as they charge at you. Jorge’s gun runs out of ammo, and he turns to Kat. Kat steps out to throw him a weapon too, but she gets spotted and shot up with plasma. She cries out in pain. “KAT! Cathrine, respond!”, we hear Carter yell as he tries to move to her. By now the Covenant are right on top of you, and Carter gets shot up, but he isn’t dead. He lies, bleeding on top of Kat’s dead body. He looks at you and Jorge, helmet off. We hear random garble from the Covenant, but it looks like they’ve stopped firing.

Carter tosses him a few grenades on a belt… “Do it.” Jorge nods, saying “It was an honor serving with you, sir”. Just as he’s about to arm the grenades…A huge blast tears apart the rock cover that Carter was just in. The blast sends you and Jorge hurtling backwards, and you black out for a second. Your vision returns…Carter is dead. Jorge looks at you, helmet blown off, then looks back at the few Elites approaching from the crowd. Jorge turns his head to you: “Godspeed, Six”, and he tosses a pistol in your direction. Jorge lets out a war cry and charges at the Elites, and decks the first one he sees in the face. His shields flare as they collapse. Covenant come towards you, and you fire as best you can from the ground, while you hear and see Jorge tearing through the ranks. You finally see him taken down by a few elites stabbing him as he’s strangling another. Your gun is kicked from your hands by an invisible Zealot. He then kicks you in the head, throwing your helmet aside. He grabs you by the throat and lifts you up as you struggle against him.

He roars, wields his blade, and the camera cuts to the helmet lying in the sand of the burned planet…

Now…Doesn’t that have a little more impact than what ACTUALLY happened?

I was expecting this.

I am glad that I finally got to die as a Spartan. That is what they do. As for how things should have been… many things should have been.

I felt the only cool deaths in Halo FPSs have been Jacob Keyes, Truth and Six’s. Miranda, Johnson, Heretic, Tartarus, Spark, every redshirt I meet, I felt they could have all been handled with more zeal.

ODST and Reach, they did their cutscenes rather awesomely, compared to Halo2 and 3 at least, IMO. If Romeo had died, it would have been a decent death.

I would like to see a more integrated approach to major deaths however. I think if Johnson were to have been fighting with us and in a middle of a speech or in an attempt to gain a better position, if at that moment an ambush or surprise attack that suddenly unleashes upon him, and then a cutscene (much more fluidly than as of recent) begins that has our attention first towards Johnson that induces a moment of shock, and then a feeling of anger and determination that then focuses on Spark.
Ahhh, Super Metroid and my little big-guy getting killed… here]( (about 2:40ish specifically) it is. Even for 16-bit, it evoked the emotion I haven’t gotten with Halo yet.
Now Quake4’s transformation… that was intense for an FPS. Nothing else really has been (except FEAR, that’s invoked some great reactions out of me.)

Halo has just kept me going like a soldier. I meet people I know are just going to die soon anyways, tis the life of a hero. And I can’t flinch for one moment due to anyone’s death, least the emotion might leave me hesitant :wink: