How ranks ACTUALLY work

A lot of people think that they are playing average in their placement matches and getting ranked highly. I have an idea on why this is. When I first started the slayer playlist and obliterated the enemy team the first 3 games I played, then all of the other games I was either beaten or just won and even once was destroyed. What I believe happens is that after the first few games you become ranked sort of and the game tries to find your skill using those games. Then it gives you hard and easier games to try and find exactly where you are.

Assuming that this idea is correct then it has a ew flaws. The first being that the first few games you may play better than you normally would and then you will get matched against people that destroy and the game cant even your league out before the placement matches complete. The second being the exact opposite and if a player just played badly then he/she will be placed too low.

It also seems that after your placement matches are complete and you are in a league that after you win a few times the game makes you player against harder opponents to even out your win loss ratio. If you are in my case and you are in diamonds and this happens you may be versing people have been in champion which means that you will be versing mlg pros that practise all the time and evidently be gutterstomped. This can be improved if 343i makes it so that you don’t get placed against harder opponents but it just evens out the higher that go in leagues and league ranks because you will be playing harder opponents.

lastly I believe that it is imperative that 343i adds social playlists (big team should be this). This us because sometimes people don’t want to have to try hard and do their best just so they don’t get beaten but they want to sit back and relax and if you are in diamond or onyx. Then well rek some noobs.


Remember this isn’t confirmed

I don’t think this is the case at all. During my placements of Break Out I played so badly I was ashamed of myself :P. However I still managed to get into Gold despite my best games were at the end. The ranking system is most likely the same as any other game and they also seem to do fine and require 10 games.

I placed plat in almost every league. Onyx for swat somehow. I doubt this is the case simply because I will win and lose some throughout the 10 placements

he only other explanation is that it takes into account who you are versing.

also if you win some lose some in.your league the you have been appropriately placed. If you are in onyx for swat and you aren’t.getting beaten by much then you should be there.


I got ranked Onyx in SWAT, I don’t think I deserve it, now I am getting matched up against people who don’t suck… I would like some unranked playlists other than warzone.

To me, it seems like a very similar (almost copy-cat) ranking system to League of Legends. It probably has a hidden MMR system that it takes into account while in placements, but seems to also take into account personal stats as well. Meaning that if you go on a winstreak (or winning most of your games) you might start getting placed against higher ranked players to see if you are truly able to play at that tier. I went 8/2 in SWAT and Breakout. SWAT I got placed Onyx, but I was getting like 20+ kills or so in a couple games. My friend who I duo’d with got placed Diamond 5 even though we played every single game together. In Breakout I got Diamond 1. I had a few bad games in that, but a few really good ones as well.