How quick do we need new content in MP?

So I’m starting to feel the MP is getting a little stale now already. Not enough maps or modes for the launch of a game, especially a halo title. My worry is the next season isn’t until MAY, that’s a huge wait for a new battle pass and whatever else they have in store.

New games are releasing in the coming months, destiny has a big expansion releasing in feb. Will players want to come back? We have see the player count on steam almost halving in a month… personally if the events are done better with better rewards (343 have said this is coming with the next fracture) if they introduce maps, game modes, a couple of returning/new weapons every 2/3 months with weekend modes like infected and griffball with earnable rewards come in to play I think the player count will stay healthy and the game will thrive. This MP has so much potential! Just want 343 to keep it moving at a good pace. What do you guys think?

Ps. Have a good holiday 343, you’ve deserved it

its a F2P game… so I’d say every 3-4 months at least.

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Yeah I’d say every season too mate, I just feel it needs a good few modes brining in before may.

It really needs something. Other than just playing ranked there isn’t a lot to do. My battle pass has been maxed out, so I don’t feel like I have a lot of incentive to play matches. The challenges and weekly rewards haven’t been that great either.

I want to continue playing the game but it’s not as exciting to log on now.

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You say it here, probably after Holidays, first they burned out the employees then they said they need rest, I understand they are human and need be free of stress but probably would be better if the game didn’t launch with a lot of lack content, for me is getting so boring playing the weapons sandbox feels so empty, I really don’t care about the Pass or something else but the game feels so empty, I think just miss the classic weapons shotgun, spartan laser, binary, light rifle etc…we need it in this game ASP

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Yeah I feel you. I haven’t had much fun in ranked, I either get put with a team who get smashed in minutes or we do the smashing, doesn’t seem balanced at all, it is really good with a team though. I think solo big team is actually great to play, more people go for the objective and you can have well matched teams more than not, just struggle to find a game :rofl: I’m loving the feel to infinite, but I feel the same as you. Once challenges are done and the pass I’m only going to be on for a game or two and log off. I actually really miss firefight and warzone tbh

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They absolutely deserve a break. Since it was delayed they’ve been at it none stop, tonnes of problems during development, covid on top of that. But even with those issues it’s so light on content for launch. I really believe they’ll make this the best halo since reach Imo, just wish it had more now. Agree, the sandbox feels really good apart from some weapons and vehicles that need a buff. Just is lacking those fan favourite weapons which again is strange at launch. I’d love to see how the brute shot would feel, Really thought it would be in.

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Imagine if the game launched last year.

If they can get Forge out the door sometime by the next century and get a working Custom Games Browser implemented ASAP, I would dare say that they could drop MP content whenever they want.

It’s the lack of other options that kills this game for me. The multiplayer offering is fine, but there’s nothing else to do.

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Agree mate. Adding forge and fixing customs would keep people busy for months. It’s like adding in a big DLC

Adding new content to MP is not going to fix its glaring issues. By doing so it would only be putting a band-aid on it, and that is only a temporary solution that is not what this game needs at all.

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What would you say are the big issues bud? Apart from BTB not working and the terrible progression and store, the rest of the game I’m really liking.