How plain the state of customization is

Following my last post, I’d like to talk about customization.

I understand the choice you made to make Infinite’s multiplayer free, but you’re giving us a huge punch in the face for taking the customization out of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure in the future there’ll be a lot to do with our characters, but something as simples as changing the colors of my spartan to what I want is something that I need to pay for, and worse, I got these preset colors that I can’t select which parts of it I wanna change it to.

I bought the Liquid skin in the first week, just to learn that I can’t modify any of it, can’t even select the logo on it! Now I can choose between two options, either I use my new bought armor, or I can modify it but be forced to use the bad colors we got in the battle pass. This sucks.

At least consider making unlockable colors and coats that we can choose how we want to use it, it’s already tiring to see everyone looking the exact same in matches. It’s either bought pro skins, basic battle pass colors or the yoroi, that’s all we got.

And I know what some will say: “it’s just a beta!”, “It’ll be better on release”. In 8 days? While you guys still couldn’t figure out the XP we get for matches?

Honestly, it’s hard to believe but I’m trying my hardest because I wanna see this game thrive! CoD and BF got terrible reviews this year, so Halo is on the spotlight right now. Please 343, don’t let us down.


I’m at the point of exhaustion with this restrictive customization system that, at this point, I’d just prefer a compromise and take the ability to apply coatings & visors to any core without having to purchase them multiple times.

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I think the best option is a hybrid of both systems: return to the primary/secondary color system that is 100% unlocked from the beginning. Then, if you want more than 2 basic colors, coatings can be unlocked or bought that give you different patterns like camo or have a variety of colors beyond primary/secondary.

Having literally the most basic form of customization torn away to be left with a significantly more limited system that is often locked behind a paywall is a horrendous option to promote player expression

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Honestly I feel bad for you cause the armor kits are a complete con, they should never have been in the game as there is simply no need for them. They literally serve two purposes:

  • make you think you’re buying a full armor set when it’s just a uncustomisable skin

  • make you wish you had the actual armor pieces to make you want to buy them separately (see: noble team kits)

It’s bs and I’m outraged that they’re in the game. Literally could have just given us the components to make those sets instead of selling kits.

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I still cant believe you cant even change the leg armor like in Halo 4.

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