How "Perks" Could Work. Alternate Perspective.

Here’s how I think having a “perk” system could work in Halo. (Mind you I am an H2/H3 Veteran who HATES AA’s in Reach.)

We know we have Sprint as a “default” capability. And we have heard that JP and other AA’s are making a reappearance.

Imagine this:

  1. You earn “Spartan Points” by playing games. (Similar to cR/exp. Perhaps getting more points for completing “feats” such as Killing Spree/Frenzy/bla bla)

  2. You accumulate those points until you want to buy something. That could be armor, or ABILITIES.

  3. You purchase Jetpack for X amount of “Spartan Points”.

NOW, during gameplay “Powerup” spheres (similar to Overshield/Invis spheres except probably a different color) will spawn. If you grab that powerup, the ability you purchased with your “Spartan Points” is available for X amount of time…

What do you guys think?! Essentially it’s a “pick-up”, however your “power” you have pre-determined based on your preference/Spartan Points spent.