How old is the flight 2 build?

Does anyone know how old this build is? I know in the first flight they had said it was a couple of months old but if I’m honest, given how patchy the latest flight is (terrible stuttering, poor performance, broken and totally unfinished UI) I’m unsure if that was true. Like surely they haven’t been updating a build thats several months old with the changes needed from the first flight and realistically there aren’t many improvements since that first flight which you would imagine there would be if there had been many months inbetween builds. I’ve been lucky enough to play both of the flights and in many ways, this one has been even more patchy than the first. More bugs with UI, better overall performance but horrible stuttering and considering the game is less than 3 months out I’m a bit worried.

We know the BYB already was fixed in the internal build. I would guess it’s about 1.5 months old. Full screen will fix PCs many issues. This build is much better than the previous. Like night and day.