How old does a thread need to be...

…in order to be considered “Dead”

because if there’s a thread that i like to follow and engage in, i go offline, and i come back on to find it hidden behind one or two pages, i don’t wanna be yelled at for necroposting

There’s no “right” answer but this might be a tad bit too old.

If it’s only a page or two back and just a couple days/weeks and you’re continuing the conversation, you should be okay. :slight_smile:

over 100 days with no continuation of the discussion

If its been long enough that I doubt the OP (and page 1 posters) is still about, I’d probably make a new thread instead. Necros are only annoying when they trick you into replying to people who are long gone.

IMO a thread titled “Best way to get Achievement XYZ” or similar with no good answer to the question posted and not too many posts in it could be bumped with a “Anyone know how to do this?” from page 1000 with no negative impact.