How old are you?

Although I know they cant spank me down from Harvest to Reach, and oftentime because of this skill have benefitted from them being teamates, I am typically turned off from playing with 10-year olds. I know the age range of players is far and wide, so I was curious about the Waypoint community.

I’m 43. How about you?

18 and about to start college.

25 years youngish!

  1. Had my birthday since this post. Thought I’d update it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The perfect age.

Reserved for future revelation!

edit: Woah! Bunch of granpas hehehe!
Is the 14 year old on page two trying to find an excuse?

28… but if you minus the 10 yrs of halo i have played I’m actually 18 eh eh what do you think about them apples

im 20 yers young!

I am 4 and 19

I turned 20 a week ago!

not being a teenager doesn’t feel much different, except that now I care a lot more about politics and a lot less about transformers toys.

I wish that wasn’t the case.

25 now

27 :slight_smile:

24 :slight_smile:

#ONI :slight_smile:


OK, now I feel really old.

> OK, now I feel really old.

No, never that. Halo doesn’t discriminate!

14 (i think you should just play halo if you are 13+(and your not a 13 immature))



I’m 20. I’m glad to know there are some older folks here. It feels like those of us who grew up with the franchise starting at CE (true Halo fans ;D) all collected here early.