How often would you like to see campaign DLC?

Since this is a 10 year game, how often would you like to see campaogn DLC come out and how big whilst allowing for Dev time? I’m thinking every 2-3 years since they don’t need to make everything from scratch like a new game. I’d love it to be every year but I want chunky campaign DLCs and not mini bitesized things.


I’d like to see annual releases, with a mix of remastered classic campaigns and new narratives to drive Infinite’s story forward.

I’d agree with that three major expansions to the storyline, one approximately every three years would work, with Reach, CE, H2, H3, ODST, H4 and H5 filling the years in between would work well for me.

I’d also like to see them learn from MCC and include PvE challenges ASAP. I expect this to happen when they bring Firefight/Warzone/etc, but it’d be nice to have some rewards for playing Campaign now.


If you want the old campaigns there’s MCC. I don’t see them adding those. Weapons and vehicles maybe but not the campaigns.


I think it needs to be annually. Development teams can build entire games from the ground up in 2-3 years, so being that 343 isn’t coming from the ground up, annually seems reasonable.

I am also talking about a 4-5 hour expansion of what is already there. I think it will look very similar to what Destiny has done with their content over the years.


Even if it’s only a single mission, I’d like to see regular releases for campaign alongside the MP seasons ever few months.


I think there’s room for both MCC and remastered campaigns in Infinite.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the MCC for its nostalgic purity, but I think there’s room to have a modern revision of the original campaigns. The story is still good, despite highs and lows, and it would offer PC players an opportunity to have Halo 5’s campaign available to play for the first time.

2-3 years would kill the game… As far as being a service to push gamepass and be a ten year game.

Full fledge expansion in 2-3 years, yes!!!
But yearly campaign/Co-op/story additions, along with quarterly multiplayer updates is what is needed!!!

Excuse the excess exclamations but we have too stop allowing this BEHEMOTH of a corporation too half_____ it!!!

343i and Microsoft need to be pressed and deliver.


I think annual is asking a bit much. As much as I’d like campaign DLC to come out every year. I think every 2 years is more reasonable for development time on a good length campaign DLC.


I’m sure many are looking forward to when new DLC comes out, but my concern is the lack of the content created. Just from my experience, the open-world needs much-needed attention before they add any new DLC. I don’t like how companies leave issues in the previous content released and expects the player base to forget about the issue by adding new DLC. Bungie is famous for that with Destiny 2, which has left the game in a far worse state than infinite is in or will ever be.

What I’d like to see before any new DLC is added as far as missions, etc… goes is for them to give the open would some more life and fix the glaring issues first.

I hate things being left broken and for a company to have the attitude “well, will get to it when we feel like it” That doesn’t work for me when knowing how many issues this game has. We pay them well and I would hope they can at least have that self-awareness and respect to look into the issues it has.

What I would like to see.

  1. More challenges, not meaning through the BP, I’m referring to creating a flow for the game keeping a players interest in the open world. Having more challenges like kill orders and more things like searching for the skulls.
  2. Look into how empty a lot of areas actually are and add more enemies to interact with. There is way too much open land with nothing but scenery to look at. if need be, take notes from other games that have that steady flow of enemies, etc…
  3. Make the vehicles more useful, have them be used for challenges and add things like more airstrikes. For how huge the open would is, it’s rear that we even see Banshees that there needs to be more life added to it. Aso, make them more of a challenge to capture. It’s too easy using the grapple.

I have other ideas and I’m sure others do as well, but I rather see things running smoothly and have more life added to it them than just adding more DLC that could be as empty as the open would is now.


I can see why you would say that

But lol

343i has over 500 employees…on a game that is already “finished” on a service that is the future GAMEPLAN for the whole company (XBOX) while being said companies FLAGSHIP title and the last one ever made!

Go. Big. Or. Get. Out. Of. Gaming!!!

If not now …when?

When does Microsoft step it up? :laughing:

Frigging world is burning. :joy:

Friggin trillion dollar company…let’s go…it’s dumb

Annual Single Player
Biannual Co-op
Quarterly Multiplayer updates

3 year full expansions released


This is my thought process as well. Depending on the scale of PvE experiences they plan to bring, I would think an annual cadence would be doable. Many other games that offer a PvE portion of their live service hit annual “big” (relative term here) releases with then smaller seasonal ones peppered in over the course of the year.

If seasonal PvE additions are not planned within their current seasonal model, then annual certainly, I would think/hope, is the ceiling when considering timetables.


Don’t think they’ll touch 5 with a 10ft barge pole. And I’d rather go forward rather than backwards with Infinite. Maybe after Infinite we could get remakes of the previous games, but otherwise I want new stuff for Infinite.

I would love to see them be wise about how they add content. For example, adding a remaster of Halo 3 would allow the opportunity to add weapons like the M6 and the M90 shotgun into Infinite’s multiplayer, and if they created the flood form geometry for the remaster they could re use it in future campaign DLC and firefight type horde modes.

Either way, if I’m being sold what feels like a very incomplete game because it’s “live service” I fully expect campaign content more than once a year. If there are multiplayer seasons every 3 months we should be getting another full length campaign once a year and it would be nice to see little updates and additions to the campaign more often than that.


I feel like you’d need something annually otherwise people might just forget where we were at with the story.

Whether that’s mini missions/islands as opposed to full scale biome expansions is another matter entirely. I think Destiny does that where the big expansions are quite spread out but you new raids and stuff fairly frequently.

I am more concerned that there’s so much to update and sort out it’s going to be a stretch getting campaign DLC out anytime soon. I am not a technician, but there’ seems to be some real teething issues that might be preventing them cranking out content how Ubisoft Assassins Creed can do with their games every odd year.


I liked the campaign but did not like the large interior areas which were just copy and past and more or less symmetrical, made for some really boring areas, also the enemy types were dull, no surprises, old Halo was the way it was because of hardware limits so was forgivable but just fighting the same enemies over and over, I wanted something new so yeah I think it needed the Flood so hope they add that next, Also night never felt like night IMO, it was far too bright. Basically Variety is what I want to see more of going foward and yeah yearly would be the best bet.

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I would like to have DLC that would continue the story.
Or new side missions that explain more about the banished, cortana and Atriox
I would be fine if new campaign DLC would be available every 12 month.
For the MP, in the next 2 - 3 years maybe a 3-4 month cycle new maps, new gamemode


You all didn’t like the Prometheans. Trouble is that means less enemy types. You got your wish. :wink:

It looks like these Endless will be the new faction going forward. Next DLC they’ll be a thing. We’ll have to see how they work…

Perhaps they could have done more to flesh out the Sentinels as a faction distinct. Like it’s really jarring how they’re just helping the Banished.

Also I do think the Banished should have been more fleshed out. Looking at Halo Wars 2 and all the unique units they could have added a lot more vehicles and enemy types.

I’d like to see the Flood again. It has been too long and they do change things up drastically gameplay wise.

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Considering how much of a lackluster campaign we got, I’d like to see some every month. To me, the campaign felt nowhere near complete in terms of story with the numerous unanswered plot points that are newly introduced and old.

Frankly, I WISH they would have retconned the Halo 5 story and continued with Halo 4. Taken advantage of the Didact still being alive, he tries to assemble the remaining forerunners through their cylixes who recruit the covenant/banished to attain the mantle. That way we could relive the human forerunner war in an actual Halo game. One can only dream…

A new one every year with (good) cosmetic unlocks that only stay on your account if you buy the game, not if you get it from gamepass. This makes people buy the DLC outright and makes -Yoink!- more money, that way, hopefully they tone down on how much stuff is locked behind a paywall in the MP

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Every semester, some chapters can be larger than others. Halo Infinite is begging to have more content. I want to believe they already have a roadmap.

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