How often do you guys win CTF on the new BTB map?

I swear this map is just 100% stalemate. There is not a cornal you are gonna get shot at once you are at the other side and there is just snipers everywhere, nevermind never leaving the spawn base. Since its mainly a ground game, there are no vehicle drops. Played that BTB map over on CTF and its just nothing happening.

I feel like there should be at least periodic air vehicle drops, its the only way to actually get to the other side and provide some form of suppression than being scoped by 5 different range weapons across the map.

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This map is actually ultra skewed toward vehicles. If your enemy drives in a hog and you dynamo it and kill everyone, you just gained a hog.

The base setup and spawns for Breaker are essentially Blood Gulch bases but cracked open front and back, making the spawn insanely vulnerable to Vehicle sieges by simply circling the base.

Once you capture the enemy’s vehicles, it’s pretty much over.

Had a game where we had 3 hogs and 2 ghosts circling the enemy spawn. Free win.

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Thats the thing, nobody captures vehicles or gets on. They rather blow it up. Only time I get on a vehicle is if I know my party understands. Either t than that, players just rather ground walk it the whole time.

People have been calling out for a bigger role for vehicles. So maybe a map that encourages vehicle play is just what the Doctor ordered. Especially if the vehicles have been boosted a bit (health and stability).

Unfortunately vehicle play calls for that next level of team co-ordination!

I actually see the many highly towards snipers. One side has a much larger advantage by height structure and snipers with more room to move around. You can’t push at all without getting shot at by a rifle and then by a sniper.

I won a CTF game on here last night 3-0 because my team was playing with vechiles well .

I find Strongholds on this map to be way more annoying. Especially the 2nd round when all 3 zones are lined up through that lower path. It’s just way too easy for that to end in a stalemate.

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You don’t.

20 characters.

I’m loving it. It definitely beats Behemoth CTF. Speaking of, I wonder when/if they will ever rework the spawns and add some additional geometry for cover. I want it to return to ranked. I’ll see if Catalyst grows or wears on me over the next few weeks. For now, this is how I feel about the Arena CTF maps. Am I missing any

Catalyst > Aquarius > Bazaar > Behemoth > Launch Site (if you count 1-flag)

Have only played one match of CTF so far and we lost 2-0. Honestly it was pretty insane and I kind of enjoy how much of a Hell it is to get the flag.

Been playing on Breaker a few more times and there’s been two matches where I can see how the ranged gameplay might be a bit…imbalanced? There was one match where I felt like my team was being dominated by a Sniper/Stalker with the shooters still at their base. Just felt badly pinned down and I had another Slayer game where the enemy team was penned in and slaughtered.

I still need to play some more matches on it but overall I do enjoy the map. I do like the return of vehicle gameplay, especially on a map that caters to the fast-moving Hogs and Ghosts. While I thought they were fine for a while, I think maybe we could use an air vehicle drop or something to mix it up a bit more.

Im talking about BTB maps.

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My bad. I haven’t played Breaker in BTB yet, but it looks like a blast for CTF. Especially that hog jump.

You’re actually able to play btb? Lol