How much skill does it take to get CSR 50?

On say, Big Team Infinity Slayer, what kind of stats do you need to have to eventually get to 50.

On a side note, my last three games have been 19/6, 13/2, 15/6 for k/d, and we’ve won all three. What do you think my CSR ceiling is?

CSR is completely relative. Your CSR will eventually even out to be higher than those who you win against or score higher than, and lower than those who you lose against or score lower than. Some playlists’ CSR (like Team Doubles) are based on win/loss regardless of performance, while others’ (like SWAT) are based on individual performance regardless of win/loss.

If you go 19-6 against CSR 1-5 players, that’s not that impressive. If you go 19-6 against CSR 45-50 players, that’s a lot more impressive.

Don’t have a “CSR goal.” Wherever your CSR lands is where you belong. Just aim to improve it and get as high as you can. This way, the focus is on improving instead of an arbitrary number that no one but you cares about. It also makes the game more enjoyable because your focus is more on improving yourself than winning, so if you lose, it’s okay because you learned.

There aren’t any set stats to get a certain CSR and usually if someone plays a lot in a playlist they are a high CSR in their K/D will probably be lower because of the high level of competition.

For example, if I was a 50 in Team Throwdown I would probably have a K/D between 1/1.5 but I could easily play low level Big Team and rack up a 2+ K/D. TBH if you aren’t finishing in the top 3 players every match it will be very hard to reach 50.

Also what Vektor said.

Statistically speaking,

Big Team Infinity Slayer will be the easiest to get a 50 in because of two things:

the large population

It is easier to be in the top percentile of 6000 players than the ~200 in team doubles or throwdown.

less direct competition

You receive less incoming fire and can catch more people off guard when there are more players (if you know where to position yourself on a map) , where playlists with less players during a match make you an easier target per se.

I wouldn’t know. I haven’t logged enough games in one playlist since CSR came out to get one.

My highest CSR is 28…

So it will take me quite a bit…

It won’t be hard, without trying I reached 41 in big team, if I played more it would continue to move up.

More skill than I have. Not sure how one would calculate how much skill is involved to get a certain number.

To go above 40 or so your going to need a decent team. There is only do far you can go by yourself with randoms.

My CSR is 50 and I didnt even know it.

The difficulty of obtaining a 50 varies by playlist. IMO, big team slayer is the easiest way to go for a 50.

It took me 27 games in big team slayer to get a 50. I never went negative and always finished in the top 4 (points wise) of both teams. Granted, I got my 50 shortly after the CSR update. It may be harder to get a 50 now.

Good luck!

Forgot to mention - I never searched with a party. Going in with randoms doesn’t matter. If you can carry your own and rack up more points than the majority you’ll be fine, at least for big team slayer.

Its pretty easy in my opinion. I got my BTB CSR 50 without a team. Took no time at all. All you have to do is make sure your score is in the top. I got first score almost every game when I got my 50. I average a good 22.0 K/D for a the first 40 levels. It did get a little harder the closer I got to 50. I probably dropped around a 3.0 for the last five levels. Just my opinion tho.

It does not take that much skill, I got my big team battle csr to a 36 and I almost used nothing but full autos, i used other weapons as a last resort ( not including power weapons), because I am trying to get loadout mastery for all types of weapons and have been trying to do this the whole time the csr has been a part of halo 4.

It’s not that hard. Doubles was the hardest. If you want an easy 50 go for BTB or Infinity.

My flood one seems to go up whatever I do. I am on a 20 and I hardly ever win a game.