How much of the Flight do I have to play?

So, I played a few multiplayer games yesterday, some today, maybe fewer than a dozen overall (the Multiplayer screen not loading up has been a major pain in the neck, even after I’ve reset my console or quit out of the game several times) which is probably a lot less than some people on here, I’m sure.

But do the developers expect us to provide feedback based on dozens of games? Are they looking at feedback on everything or just the U.I. or are they mostly just monitoring aggregate player data?

As much as you want to play. Aggregate player data is very important, and they want to test the servers at scale and how it handles lots of concurrent users. That’s why they windowed the play times. The more you play the better you’re helping them towards that, but in reality one person isn’t relevant to their scale, and they expect/understand that people aren’t going to grind the whole time. Some people will, some won’t.

As for feedback, so long as its constructive 343 will be listening, whatever aspect of the game its about. They’ll send out surveys to a random sample of people that played the flight, if they send that to you it’s helpful to fill it in with your thoughts. They do check the forums for general consensus on aspects of the game, but they aren’t constantly monitoring everything being posted and trawling through the posts for specific fixes from anyone person. I’d say you’re better off engaging in general discussion and sharing your thoughts in threads that are more specific, such as a thread about aim assist or outlines, rather than creating your own thread called “my thoughts on flight” or whatever. But overall, just contribute as much as you feel you have time, energy and willingness for. The more data 343 gets, where that’s feedback and meta data from matches the better for them, but it’s not your job to do anymore than you want to just because you got into the flight.

You can play as much or as little as you like. Share your thoughts. Put in the feedback. I think your views matter as much as anyone else’s no matter how much you play.

As to what exactly they are monitoring and what you should give feedback about, I’d say anything you find and want to. If they don’t need it they will move past. No harm in saying anything or any aspect.