How much is "too much"?

Going through my stockpile of reqs, contemplating WZFF, I realized I had a LOT of reqs. While I do make it a point to sell Mongooses, & have been saving lower level reqs for FF, they sometimes tend to pile up. For example, I counted 96 Scorpions across the variations,
20 regular
22 Corp
16 Tundra
15 Urban
9 Woodland
5 Hannibal
& that’s just the tanks
That’s at the time this was posted. Is that too many? Am I outta control?!?!?
How may of your favorite reqs do You stockpile?

I had hundreds of Ghost Ultras before WZFF came out. Now I have less than 100 lol.

I have quite a few. But I sell the ones I have completed the Commendations to.

I mostly sell all of the base variant of weapons and vehicle (except tank/wraith/banshee).

sounds like you need to actually start PLAYING wzff haha.

96 scorpions will get you at least… 20 wins.

unless you’re playing on urban. then it will get you a lot of waiting to respawn.

30+ for all rare weapon reqs (this includes the spnkr and rocket variants, the answer, snipers and beam rifles)

i tend to use vehicles or loadouts more than power weapons cuz im kinda aggressive and tend to die and lose my reqs easily

Ok, so I’m not alone, lol. No, I burn through quite a bit in FF, then buy gold & silver packs, then get more, you know the cycle. I just try to save around 20 or so of the rare & better reqs for when WZ Turbo comes back. THAT burns reqs.

I usually save up 25 of each REQ (including variants as their own) unless I still have to do their respective commediation or if I use them often. Scorpions, Sword Banshees, and Ultra-Ghosts are the 3 vehicles that I have quite a bit of since they are useful in WZFF. Other than that I really don’t use that many REQs; I mainly stick to loadout weapons.