How much have you played?

The question is simple, how much time have you put into Halo: Reach, and what is the playlist with your most games in it (include the number please).

It should follow this format:

ME (These are my real stats):
Playtime- 41 Days, 4 hours, 35 minutes.

Favorite Playlist- Team Slayer (641 games played, with a 1.37 or 58% W/L)

EDITED STATS: (Due to playtime)

Playtime-41 Days, 22 Hours, 5 minutes.

K/D- 1.3

(Rest is still the same as or so negligibly better it isn’t worth retyping.)

Ive played for: 26D 16H 25M
19 of those days have been in Custom Games which is 60.21%.

41D 04H 42M.

Most likely Team Slayer. I would like it to be Invasion but since so many people are focused on just spawncamping with the Banshee in that game most people stayed away from it for the duration of Reach’s lifespan.

As of this morning, I have played:

82 Days 03Hours 33Minutes

in 7,305 matches and have about 12.3 million credits that I can’t spend on anything. I played a lot of Firefight so I could get my Inheritor Rank and get all the armour, voices, effects etc. I hit inheritor about 2 months before H4 dropped - as I was expecting to be playing H4 all the time going forward and wanted to max out my rank.

That turned out to be not the case as the H4 Lag drove me back to Playing Reach permanently. H4 WarGames or Co-Op just lags terribly most of the time and is the only game I play multiplayer that is this bad. Reach by contrast rarely ever lags like H4 does.

I am now working on getting a few more commendations (almost completed the Gold level for Flawless Cowboy, Assistant, Small Arms and Grenadier) and helping other players new to reach Rank Up by being a driver a lot. Tonnes of fun piloting a Falcon or driving a Warthog to keep us alive and give my gunner a good clear shot for multiple kills.

82 Days-6hrs-6mins.
9,780 games played

Inheritor Rank
4303 Firefight - 610,934 covies killed, and working on 1,000,000
3520 MP - 1.14 KD
1823 Campaign

2391 total challenges

100% Armory
90% Commendation
Most kills in a FF Match - 357

I want to make something straight here, work was hard at Berkley, so I skipped almost two years of Halo (in general). I got in to Reach in 2012 just after graduation. So just wanted that out there.

I myself have played Halo Reach for 5 days, 21 hours, and 6 minutes. I have a K/D of 1.08, and only 3,852 MP kills :/.

I am the rank Colonel Grade 3 with 55%
armor completion, and 40% commendation progress. Also for the record, I have 1,157,391 points in Campaign, and 10,055,752 points in Firefight (love it!).

My most played playlist is Team Slayer and Infection. I really can’t say at the moment what the numbers really are.

Playtime 23D 15H 08M

Favorite Playlist*: Team Slayer (K/D Ratio 1.74, wins 48%)

*Actually my favorite playlist is Team Objective… but no population these days :frowning:

10D 21H 04M

Probably BTB

Playing since 09/14/2010
BPR: 62
K/D: 1.19
Played 7.305 (99% TS)
82,283 kills/69,100 deaths
Playtime: 44D 22H 44M
Hit Inheritor 2 weeks prior to Halo 4’s release.

Cool stats guys keep it up. Maybe if 343 sees how much time we’ve all played Reach they can see what a great game it was!

Playing since 9/15/10
Playtime- 14 days 18 hours 1 minute
Competitive playtime %- 66.57%
Custom games %- 31.66%
Rank- General grade 2

Not sure on specifics right now (driving), but it’s #1. And as of now, Reach is #1 and holds my heart.

I so agree with this^
I honestly can’t see a time when I’ll stop playing Reach (maybe when they prise my pistol from my cold, dead hands…)

> I so agree with this^
> I honestly can’t see a time when I’ll stop playing Reach (maybe when they prise my pistol from my cold, dead hands…)

Or they compose you. As they did in my case. (lol Halo fiction joke)

16 days

days played 43 days overall/ 28 days in the competitive category

player since September 14th 2010 (When reach came out)

Assists 8,612
K/D Ratio 1.48
Medals 78,133
Medals/Game 16.18
Medals/Hour 115.78
Kills 63,403
Kills/Game 13.13
Kills/Hour 93.95
Deaths 42,762
Deaths/Game 8.85
Deaths/Hour 63.37

Im not positive on these numbers last time i checked was before halo 4 came out.

Playtime 27d 15h 24m
Kills 61,638
Deaths 42,041
Assists 10,901
Kill/Death 1.47
Kills/Game 14.13
Deaths/Game 9.64
Kills/Hour 92.91
Deaths/Hour 63.37
Medals 86,891
Medals/Game 19.92
Medals/Hour 130.98.

I would continue to play but my disk has been scratched since before halo 4 came out scratched and the only map that works is zealot and it never shows up so its not worth playing anymore. After browsing the forums though I really need to get this game again halo 4 sucks. Im not even top rank in that game I have 5 days in that game.

27D 23H 43M in competitive
57% W/L
1.35 K/D

Favorite Playlist: MLG - 7D 14H 5M - 1.09 K/D
Second Playlist: TS - 7D 1H 12M - 1.52 K/D

Honestly my truly favorite playlist would be FFA, had a 80% W/L ratio in it. It was so much fun getting away with ridiculous kills from being a sneaky beaver.

58 days, 12 hours, 12 minutes
BTB-4600 games, 70,500 kills

112,000+ kills in total
19,850,000 cR and nothing to spend it on. it’d be cool if we could give cR away…

I can’t find how many hours I have played