How much Halo stuff do you guys Have?

I took some pics of all my Halo stuff I found over the years.

So, 343i forums, I want you guys to post all your Halo stuff.

Action figures, games, T-hirts, Cds, whatever you can think of.

OMG u don’t wanna know! LoL

im currently collecting the mega bloks since its more fun to build than to look at the action figures. Also I’m collecting the books and the comics as well

Very nice. Here is mine. It also includes my 2 tattoos. The Mark of Shame and The Legendary Symbol.
Halo Collection

I have a modest halo collection. Mainly posters, some action figures and stuff.

I have ALOT…
Every Game including (Collectors Edition if offered); Every Game Guide; Every Game Soundtrack; Halo Legends; All of the RvB seasons; The encyclopedia; All Marvel Comic books including the graphic novel; Every Novel; Every Halo ActionClix (with the exception of the larger than life scarab…still working on my wife for that one) All of the SE Halo Plai Arts KAi action figures; All 3 Weta Statues MC & Flood; Cortana; Arbiter and MC; Almost all of the Halo Megabloks; a couple posters and a couple misc…action figures…and the Cabinet that allows it all to reside in my dining room…priceless

Link below (minus new Chief & Arbiter Weta Statue…Fathers day gift)

I only have the games :frowning:

-Halo PC
-Halo 2 Vista
-Halo 3
-Halo Wars (used limited editiion)
-Halo ODST
-Halo Reach Legendary Edition
-Halo Reach Xbox with controllers
-All 9 Halo Books
-Halo “Helljumpers” comic
-A figure of a elite
Need to remember to buy the rest of the comics when I go to USA again.

Just Halo 3, ODST, CE in games on demand, and Halo: Reach. I try not to get to caught up in collectibles.

I have a huge halo collection just browse through my photobucket gallery to see a smidgen.


You should also think of joining these two communities that focus on collecting halo memorabilia.

MUCH more than I should.

a full size Halo 3 wall poster (the type they used in best buy’s when it launched) All the collector’s editions (legendary where applicable) Halo Reach xbox, Marathon Tattoo, Halo 3 xbox, Splatter spree road sign, Halo Reach poster, Halo 3, ODST Standees (those big cardboard things), UNSC pewter pin, Legendary Wristband, Halo 2, 3, ODST, Reach Lanyards, Halo 3 SPNKR missile launcher controller/game case, Halo 3 ODST controller, and I USED to have a Halo mousepad and USB hub, but both of those are broken/ripped.

I am probably forgetting some stuff, but that’s it I think…