How much faith do you have in 343?

Results aren’t looking too good so far. I’ll keep letting this one ride out for a little while. :disguised_face:

They built up goodwill ever since Halo 5 launched with its updates, then HW2 and the support it got, then the MCC updates and release on PC, and finally the Infinite flights. This was when my faith for them was at its highest.

Then Halo Infinite released. Without sounding like a broken record, it had issues, but I still held on to it as I was sure they could give it the “Forsaken treatment” that Destiny 2 had. Well… 4 months later, we still don’t have a roadmap for the roadmap we were promised in January. How can they be that slow? Desync is still a major problem. And then I saw the nail in the coffin for my faith for 343. A peculiar video that highlighted all the lies and half-truths given by 343 ever since they took over Halo in 2010.

As of now, I uninstalled Infinite for a second time at least a month ago and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything out. I just stick to MCC and Destiny 1 & 2. Those 3 games are either fun and/or give me reasons to play.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I have played Capture the flag way before Halo Combat Evolved was invented going back to 1998 with the Tribes Franchaise!

Now all I am saying I don’t like having 2 different places where you cap the flag at your base! You should cap the flag at the same place where your flag is at!
Here is some pics:

All I am saying If you want to cap the flag it should be at your base and not AROUND by your base at different places. In Bloodgulch and Valhalla and other maps you cap the flag at the same place where your flag is at PERIOD!

I will fix this as soon as I get Forge!

Peace :fist_right: :fist_left:


I have a lot of faith that 343 will correct this game as they have for their past games. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but I know it WILL get there. And since Infinite is leagues above Halo 4 and 5 mechanically and gameplay wise, eventually Infinite will be their best game and has the potential to be one of; if not, THE best Halo of all time. Right now, that seems a LONG way off. But I have faith 343 will fix this, especially with Joe Staten at the helm.

That is not true. Halo 2 offered one flag and you alternated offensive and defensive rounds. They were generally held on asymmetric maps like Burial Mounds

That’s a variant of normal CTF, notice that the mode is called CTF “one flag”, not just CTF

Agreed! :wink: Now in Halo Infinite they call “ONE FLAG” is now called Neutral Flag. You go to the middle of the map to grab the flag and bring it back to your base. :wink:

I uninstalled Halo Infinite last week on Xbox.

I sent 343 Support my last response to the bugs they have not addressed, which is primarily their broken matchmaking that continually thinks Amsterdam servers (with 250+ ms ping times) are much closer to Alberta Canada than Seattle servers are (25 ms ping times). All they needed to do was allow us to pick the server we play on (like MCC and Halo 5) and I’d likely still be playing.

But there is no way a First Person Shooter at 4 fps tick time should be called a real time shooter - there are turn based systems almost this fast.


I have some faith. I’ll know if there is none or more when Season 2 (and co-op) is out.

Its pretty telling when getting them to admit its a problem was a struggle, blamed the geofilter boogey man and claimed it fixed. Makes me feel like if it ever does actually get to solid state like MCC it will have to be inadvertent at this pace. Went from expecting to spend X every so often on principle alone to support the franchise pre launch to help the transition into f2p model to level 100 on battlepass without having bought it because it feels like supporting the grift. On one hand, you have to ask where is stuff like griffball but on the other hand could you imagine what griffball would actually look like with desync in this state? no way to ignore it away then (it being potentially new players eager to be introduced to the franchise). Why the strategy is to ignore them away is anybodys guess at this point.

Anyone who’s gone on the journey with 343 through HR support, H4, MCC, and H5 should know this feeling.

I have 0 short term faith in 343 and almost unlimited long term faith. In 2 years Infinite’s going to be one of the best MP suites available.

(Full disclosure, I play a good amount of Infinite, but i don’t have enough game time each week to really be tired of the game yet, so I’m not yet full of spite like some people)

In the halo 4 era I forgave their mistakes as a new company that needed to learn to fill some big shoes. They had a certain passion for the lore that while yes, made it difficult for the games to keep non-lorenuts satisfied, at least showed some passion.

Halo 5 more or less drove me off the franchise. So many bad narrative decisions, doubling down on bad artstyle, and gameplay that still went off on its own for some reason.

I only really came back because firstly, dropping a franchise over one game is silly, and secondly, they did do a pretty good job getting MCC going again, and its support was great.

Infinite however just feels passionless. Banished and Endless just kind of ‘exist’ because they need to do villain things. Campaign’s a lifeless mess and multiplayer is a disaster too. Even if they fix MP, I’ve primarily been a campaign player, and campaign is just such a disapointment. Halo is just aimless action schlock now.


Neutral Flag been around since at least Halo 3. Its just never been very popular in matchmaking. This game only has One Flag and CTF in matchmaking but Neutral Flag is available in custom games. So this game has all 3: Neutral Flag, One Flag, and CTF.

ya’l ever played baseball? well there’s a batter… he’s suppose to hit the ball, doesn’t matter where it goes, just matters if he hits the ball. they also get three tries at the ball. 343 hit the ball once with 4… but couldn’t make it to one base as the ball was caught. 343 missed the ball on the second go with 5… then hit the ball again with infinite, only barely making it to first base… safe…
if the rest of 343’s team can’t hit the ball in terms of updates… well three strikes you’re out and they’re on the third game, two past were failiures, updates so far have been dissapointing… i have little to no faith in 343’s team

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Well Im sure by now the higher ups at 343 know there is a serious problem and in a perfect world, the silence is because they are laser focused on retooling the broken progression, overall lack of content etc, etc.

Im sure thats wishful thinking though. I see no scenario where im re-installing Infinite. Whatever grace period they might think they have is dwindling fast. Even for die- hards. Its looking very grim

Im very much looking forward to the new CoD this year though. Infinity Ward is back at the helm and the new ‘DMZ’ third mode could be great. Anyone who’s ever played Escape From Tarkov knows what im saying;) IW has always been the best of the 3 in my book.

Had so much when I heard how cool Halo 4 sounded. Then they screwed up royally, and the splitscreen was a pile of… ahem. Then 5 came out, aka the COD clone with no splitscreen and little content and launch,and their braindead region lock system that didn’t really work because it killed EU MM.Then or before came MCC(the fixed version, not the 2-3 years faulty version). And now Infinite,the pre-alpha game with finally a good solid gameplay that should have been THE Halo game. I used to play daily,up until maybe the 1st or 2nd week of January, came back for the tactical ops even, had a few games then uninstalled again because I don’t like SWAT. I’ll maybe come back to this once forge is out, but for some reason I get the feeling I may need to wait more than that for actual content

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Besides the people who developed Infinites excellent gameplay, graphics and music, no faith at all.

This thread is too honest! Bouta get locked now :joy:

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We need 100 votes first :eyes:

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Mcc has NEVER been solid state. It’s had problems in matchmaking ever since it came out. And it’s gotten steadily worse since infinite came out and stripped the player base away from mcc.

As things stand now, mcc only works for matchmaking when enough people are queueing up to play. Otherwise you’re in for a long wait to get into a game.