How much faith do you have in 343?

  • Tons :money_with_wings:
  • Some :thinking:
  • None :headstone:

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None at all.
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Still got heaps of faith.

Frustrated that the current issues are slow to be fixed - but have some appreciation that there may not be quick and easy fixes for everything.

Extremely disappointed in the slow drip communication.

Anyway… if they can stabilise things with the release of Season 2… and then set things up for a big Season 3 (ie. Forge / Scripting / Customs)…

But if Season 2 was to be a falter / step backwards… :frowning:


None rn. Almost everything they had done have been one step forward and four steps back.

Also, I’m expecting Season 2 to be a partial failure, but if they pull out something good maybe they can gain my trust back.


I have faith in the actually dev teams doing the hard technical work. I do not have faith in upper management.


0%. They lost my trust in their competence with Halo5 and all their decisions ever since have done nothing to earn any back. Even if they “fix” this broken game, business model and live service, it will do little to raise their credibility in my book.

343i = bad actors.


Halo Infinite will likely never have Halo 3/4 type armor body customization, custom colors, custom emblems, or even good emblem colors to pick from at worst. Every DLC for Campaign will feel more stale than the last one, as you just grapple the ground and fly a Wasp 99.99% of the game. Microtransactions will never be reasonably priced. I have 0% faith in 343 fixing the game. Cross-core would be a miracle.

If we get a nice Forge, I have 100% faith that the fans will make all the content I’ll ever actually play. I want nothing to do with Halo Infinite’s awful matchmaking playlists or BTB.

As far as I’m concerned, every aspect of Halo Infinite outside of Forge is anti-Halo. This is the only Halo I’ve ever disliked.

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Less than none.

They have doubled down on all the worst aspects of the game: its broken netcode, its awful skill based matchmaking implementations, its awful progression systems, its lack of social features, its lack of content, their inability to prevent cheaters, etc.

The foundation of their game is irreparably busted, held together by duct tape and prayers, and 343 aren’t even willing to acknowledge that there are problems.


I have faith in Joe, not in 343. There’s a difference


Was at tons (2018),
Dropped to some (2020)
But once the crapfest begun (2021)
Now I am at none (2022)


Sorry I really don’t have alot of faith in 343i. Why? Ever since the release of Halo Infinite the Custom Game Area has been broken. I really don’t like Social Games. I rather run my own server with my setups. I don’t like way how 343i setup the games.

Example: Capture The Flag!

I hate how the flag spawns in two different places! I wonder who in the hell was the Genius who thought that was a good idea :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When and IF we ever get Forge I will fix that by making damn sure the flag and the return of the flag is at the same place like is supposed to be like in past Halo games and that is a fact in "ALL OF MY MAPS: :rofl:

Also I will fix all the spawns like they a supposed to be. SPAWNING CLOSE TO THE BAD GUYS BASE IS JUST WRONG!! :rofl:

I don’t blame 343 at all, I reckon they were on track working on the game at there own pace. Covid happened lost months of progress and given an impossible deadline by Microsoft.

Maybe the fact that is what CTF is and has always been?



  1. The flag is at your base
  2. In order to cap the flag your flag must be at your base.
  3. When your steal the enemies flag you bring it back to your base where your flag is at! FACT! :white_check_mark:

You do not steal the flag and cap it someplace else other than where you flag is at!!!

When I make my maps and or moded existing maps “ALL” of the initial spawns and respawns are at the your base. I have never made spawns where you end up in the middle or close to the enemies base and never will!

Peace :fist_right: :fist_left:


The results currently are…yikes…I’ve always strived to be a glass half-full kind of guy but yeah…the franchise quite possibly is at its lowest and highest its ever been simultaneously


Have you never played CTF in real life? There’s always 2 flags, one at each base, and it has always been like this in Halo as well.


He’s talking about how in BTB once you capture an enemies flag the enemies next flag spawns in a different spot. The flags are not in the same location all game like they are when you play CTF in any other FPS


My faith in them has been slowly dropping since they were put in charge of Halo. It went below zero a couple months ago.

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I was the guy like “Its only been out for a few weeks”. All the way up to “its only been out for a couple months”. but at this point i cant justify how dead the live service has been for like 5 months


Some. They haven’t called the project off and Microsoft keeps throwing money at them, so I assume the game will have a “better late than never” redemption at some point. Not that I would prefer this outcome, it’s just how its going.