How Much Better Would A Bungie Made Halo 5 be?

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So the original Halos were made by Bungie and they were all in the high 90s. Bungie has had the highest rated FPS for the last 3 console generations and guess what the highest metacritic rating is for a FPS on xbox one of all time? Destiny: The Taken King with a score of a 90 (the 4th highest of all times for xbox one and one of four games with a rating in the 90s!). Yes folks, they did it again!
Hats off for 343 for trying. Halo 5 & Halo MCC are both rated exactly the same are on at 65 or #25 & #26 on the all time list. MCC would have been a lot higher if the critics would have rated the game when the multiplayer actually worked. I would say that game would have been rated in the 90s if it was released today. Then again, that is mostly a Bungie release that was eventually put together perfectly.
Since Bungie seems to dominate the ratings generation after generation with FPS, how much better do you think Halo 5 would have been?


While I enjoyed Reach it did begin the decline of Halo with stuff like AA’s and Loadouts.

SO id say had they gone down that path the game would be similar to Halo 5