How most of Noble team could have survived

Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, in Halo:Reach, we witnessed the death of every Noble Team member, but Jun, and Bungie confirmed he was alive, if I’m not mistaken. I am here to tell you that I belive, all of Noble, exept for Kat, could have made it off Reach alive, or are still on Reach, but alive.

Jorge:Ok, we saw him blow his face up after he threw Six off, right? Well, he could have lived. You probably will argue that it basicly blew the ship into oblivion, and that nothing could have survived that blast. Well, in the cut scene, when Six is stumbling away from the wrekage, he gets a pistol. From what, you don’t know. However, you see the edge of somthing, that looks alot like Jorges chest piece! If his armor survived, he could have too. Now, Noble may not be able to read his vitals, or comunicate with him, because his armor could be damaged after surviving that kind of a blast,even with lock on. So, Jorge could have gotten off reach, or could have avoided the glassing beams.

Kat:Kat is dead. She was shot in the face. They might use Forerunner tech to bring her back if all of Noble comes back in the next few Halo games, but otherwise she is plain old dead.

Jun:We saw him fly off with Halsey. Plus Bungie confirmed he was alive. So, yeah, hes alive.

Carter: This is a less complicated survival theroy. We see Carter smash the Pelican into The Scarab, after he says ‘Carter, signing off’ or somthing like that, and Six and Emilie go off on thier merry way, assuming he is dead. He could easily have survived that. He probably didnt have armor lock on, so he assumed that he would die, even if he jumped. So, he siad ‘Signing off’ because he was probably going to die. But, while sending the ship to smack into the Scarab, he could have jumped, and, Carters armor could have protected him from the blast, well he assumed it was damaged enough to let him live. And you dont see him falling because of all the fire and the explosion. When he lands, his armor is incedibly beaten up. All comms realys down, and no way for the rest of the team to see if he’s alive. So, he decides, 'Hey, Ill destory more Scarabs, so they don’t bother Six and Emilie.While doing this, he either
a)found a way off reach, or b)Is still on Reach, but somehow survived.

Emilie:We see him get stabbed, and tossed aside, and when we go to the cannon, we see him groaning in pain. Hes probably thinking ‘I must protect the cannon. No time for biofoam.’ Then whe Six comes, hes like ‘Ok, Six has got this.’ and crawls off to find somthing to do, as he pumps himself full of biofoam. He could have gotten of reach, or survived the glassing somehow.

Six: Six. You.Struck down by a squad of Elites. Also the last member of Noble Team to survive a scrape with The Grim Reaper. When the cut scene begins, he takes off him helmet. Bye bye, comunications. Then he gets shot by plasma rifles. So long vitals. Then he is assulted by three sword elites. One goes in to the kill, but his sheilds are knocked, and he is foced back. A few more elites come, and start trying to attack, but they dont succed. Then, the first regains its sheilds, and goes in for the stab. Then, the cutscne goes to a while later, and Halsey starts talking. Lets go to the split second before that, where it cuts off. When the curscene ends, Six rolls out of the way of the sword stab. While the elite trys to get the sword out of the ground, Six picks up his dropped pistol, and kills it. He rolls out of the way of the other swords. He pulls the first sword out of the ground, and stabs one, shoots the other. Then, he takes some extra weapons of choice and walks off. Living so far, yes? Then, Halsey is like ‘blah blah blah your body, you armor, all turned to glass blah’ Many belived the UNSC turned him to glass. They didnt, they would have buried him. The simply assume he was glassed! He could have gotten out of that. Dodged the glassing beams or gotten off Reach.

And so, that is how Noble Team could have survived.

Everyone but Jun is dead. I see what you are saying and I get that this is a thread on how they could have survived, but I think they are all dead.

One thing I didn’t understand though is how Kat was killed by a single shot from the needle rifle.

Everyone but Jun is dead. I see what you are saying and I get that this is a thread on how they could have survived, but I think they are all dead.

One thing I didn’t understand though is how Kat was killed by a single shot from the needle rifle.

If noble team assisted the chief after reach humanity would have lost. Not including six who is a badass.

Kat died cos she didnt turn her shields on after she turned them off wen working with the electrical systems to gain communication.

I agree with the noble team surviving or at least some of the noble team surviving. Jorge however might have survived because of the bomb itself, since its a slipspace bomb and it creates a portal to send the middle part of the ship elsewhere and the rest of the ship just blows up as it collapses, but anyway jorge was in the middle of it and so was sent ‘elsewhere’ with the middle part of the ship. it all depends where he reappeared from slipspace. oh and noble six cutscene also shows one elite,very likely the arbiter as the elite is left handed, right at the end pulling out an energy sword which makes u wonder why if the others are already taking care of him and one of them is ready to stab noble 6, so he might have stopped them to take noble six to interrogate or to battle him himself or something, or it might be just irrelevant. also if noble six got glassed then where is his body cos surely if his helmet survived then his armor should be there too since he ‘died’ close to it. And they didnt have to get off reach to survive, as the covenant didnt glass the whole of reach, they left alot of areas tht had forerunner artifacts on them (it says in ‘fall of reach’ i think).

I doubt Carter would have survived since he had no helmet and was already heavily injured. Besides, the pelican crashed in cockpit first which would have killed him instantly. He couldn’t have jumped off because he wanted to die anyway.

I tend to theorize about this a lot, but I decided that Carter and Jorge could not survive, Jorge being trapped in slip space at best, and Carter crashing head-first into a Scarabs main cannon as it fired.

> Everyone but Jun is dead. I see what you are saying and I get that this is a thread on how they could have survived, but I think they are all dead.
> One thing I didn’t understand though is how Kat was killed by a single shot from the needle rifle.

I’m thinking that the radiation flare short-circuited or messed up everyone’s armor, and Kat happened to be the one shot. The Elite could have killed anyone at that point since everyone’s shield would be down. This seems the most realistic way she could have died. (But in reality, being exposed to the degree of 90 million roentgens would have killed everybody within seconds, starting with Jun, Carter, and then Kat, since they were the most exposed.)

If there’s one thing im disappointed with, is when noble six was killed by a squad of elites. personally, i think the ending should have been six walking off alone. basically he should’ve stayed alive. With Jorge, if the timer wasn’t fried, he would’ve probably made it. Kat, obviously forgot to turn on her shields. Jun, long gone, but alive. Carter, this is one of those times that i think and knew that he wasn’t gonna make it due to his injury. Emile, i personally don’t know. he should’ve turned around. Thats all i can say.

Haha, you silly kids. Excluding Jun they’re all dead.

Everyone had a cliche death, that’s one reason why I always ALWAYS skip cutscenes now. Unlike in previous halo titles where I never skip a scene reach is lame that way. I hated the no win scenario we got for noble six at the end. Better to have all of noble team die but six rather than just jun, he’s a -Yoink- shot with the sniper anyway.


So much no.

But they couldn’t Reach was never meant too have a happy ending

He wouldn’t have survived a fall from space to the surface of Reach. Even Chief was almost killed by such a fall, and only survived by using a large piece of Forerunner metal to shield himself from the various forces (fire, impact, etc.) involved.

He also couldn’t have escaped with Six as he had no re-entry pack, and access to Sabres was blocked (the Savannah badly damaged the Covenant corvette prior to its destruction).


Even if he had bailed out in the last minute, the pressure wave and other forces of his Pelican’s explosion would have killed him. Furthermore, he had already sustained apparently-mortal wounds, though thanks to the game engine’s limitations (and unclear storytelling), we will never know how.

(Seriously, though. No damage to his armor. No cracks on the cockpit windows. How the balls did he get wounded and bleed all over the windshield like that?)

He was impaled through and through. He also wasn’t groaning when you found him after the cutscene: he was silent, unmoving, and lifeless.

Astute players may have noticed that he isn’t technically a corpse after the cutscene: he has shields, he’s immovable, and he’s not a ragdoll. This doesn’t mean that he’s alive, however. The more likely explanation is that Bungie didn’t want anyone ruining the moment by slapping Emile’s body around, so instead of using the standard (slappable) corpse, they left him “alive” so far as the game engine was concerned, and superglued him in place. In other words, his “life” is an artifact of the game engine.

Six was already badly wounded, burned by plasma shots, and left shieldless with armor damaged to the point of malfunction. Consider that MJOLNIR is a powered exoskeleton, and a heavy one at that; Six’s could’ve been damaged enough to negate the “powered” aspect, leaving his limbs weighed down.

Six was wounded, exhausted, and barely armored. He would not have survived the Elite onslaught. He definitely would not have survived the glassing that was happening all around him.

Jun exists in limbo, never having been confirmed alive or dead.

A comic, A Fistful of Arrows, describes a hypothetical series of events that Jun experienced. However, it is a work of fanfiction.

I believe that Bungie has confirmed that Jun survived, at least for a while. If I recall correctly, he did not meet up with the Chief, so if he died, it was between him arriving at CASTLE base and the Chief rescuing the survivors of Reach.

They all had to die because we dont want a sequel to a game with underdeveloped characters and a crap storyline.Oh and dont get me started on multiplayer.

I think, Jorge could survive anyway, even if he then died alone in the middle of nowhere. The slipspace rupture that destroyed the super-carrier didn’t destroy the whole corvette itself, because it was generated by the corvette’s engines. Even if the corvette was badly damaged bothy by the battle and the slipspace jump, some parts of it may remained relatively intact, so Jorge had a good chance to survive. Obviously, he couldn’t communicate with the rest of Noble or the high command.

Carter should have locked his armor before crashing into the scarab, so he could survive. If he didn’t has armor lock, he was very very unlucky.

Kat and Emile died definitely, there’s nothing to do with this fact.

Jun survived, it’s also obvious.

Six had several ways to survive:

  1. After assisting the Autumn to escape from the dock, he could get an aircraft (I think in a quickly evacuated shipyard one can found many aircraft left behind by the retreating forces) and follow the Autumn or just seek for a secure hideout on the planet to wait there till the end of the glassing.
  2. Six could just leave with the Pelican that Keyes sent to pick him up. Though I’m not familiar with the armament of UNSC spacecraft, I think a Halcyon-class has enough on-board weapons to fend off some Phantoms and Banshees while it is taking off. Yes, I know there was a Covenant cruiser. But Six destroyed that cruiser with one single shot, and that shot could be fired from the Autumn too.
  3. Six should have avoided encountering any Covenant forces after leaving the mass driver cannon. Even if he can’t get an aircraft or considers travelling by plane too dangerous, he could search for a safe place on foot or using a ground vehicle. Then hide, wait till end of glassing, blah blah blah.

Jorge: he wouldve died within minutes after the explosion even if he survived it. He wasnt wearing a helmet, vacuum of space wouldve suffocated him. Force of explosion wouldve blown his helmet away from him.

Jun: confirmed alive, by 343, he trained the Spartan-IVs and is the reason Buck is now a Spartan-IV.

Kat: she did not “forget” to turn her shields back on they were fried temporarily. She is dead and could only have survived if one of the other noble team members died.

Emile: his body was dead, lifeless, when the player approached him. And as someone already mentioned im sure the only reason he appeared to still have life was due to game engine, bungie trying to prevent players from punching the body around etc.

Carter: mortally wounded, no helmet, damaged armour. The force of the crash wouldve killed him instantly, not including the flames(on his unprotected head).

Six: he didnt not dodge the final elite assault, as we watched three elites stab their wrist mounted energy blades into his chest. He is more likely than not, dead.

Final verdict… none but Jun could have possibly survived.

And BAM, this thread is back from the dead -_-