How many years has Halo 4 been in development?

Note: I put this under Halo 3 since there is no Halo 4 category made yet.

Has Halo 4 been under development since around 2007-2008 or just being made recently? I just want to know that this game isn’t being rushed, as I liked the three year cycle of new generation Halo games, which seems to be broken by Halo 4 only giving Reach 2 years of play instead of 3. I would hate to see the new trilogy of games being rushed within short amounts of times between them, leading to watered down sequels with little quality.

Probably since ODST was released.

im gonna say since late 2009, thats when 343 began advertising a recruiting for loads of positions in the company.

> How many years has Halo 4 been in development?

I hope that once the game is released and we’re playing it, we can answer that question with “enough years to have gotten rid of all the bugs and flaws, and to make multiplayer more fun than Reach”. :slight_smile:

Since 2008 actually.