How many wins on urban do you have in WZFF?

Just wondering because it seems to be one of the tougher maps.
List like this: wins-games completed
Me: 1(win)-10(games)
And before someone says it, no I’m not bad at firefight, I use my reqs and so do my teammates randoms or not. Other maps I win almost every time. a few here and there I’ll lose.

Surprisingly, zero, out of 20-ish games. Huh…

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> Surprisingly, zero, out of 20-ish games. Huh…

This is why I felt like bringing it up. Somethings not right with the map. Well, setup of AIs and such of course.

One. One victory.

It was within milliseconds of the last second.

Urban is WAY too hard.

2 or 3 i think. Its tough.

1… Out of 5 or 6 Games… But I was with a Fireteam of 5 or 6 Guys, so we could communicate more ('cause no One seems 2 talk these Days, if ur with a Bunch of Randoms…) and it was really hard even then… I’m happy that this Map is somewhere outside of Assault but Sheesh, it’s really hard to win in FF on it… >.>

none I win on the other maps but not that one. Just today there was 5 seconds left and I was assassinating the warden and by the time it took for him to go into his little black ball we lost. I was so pissed because I used so many reqs that game.

Zero out of four games.

1 out of 4 games.

6 played 1 victory.

Zero out of 12 here!

2 wins out of 8.

Zero. -Yoink!- that map.

1 win out of 5 games.

None, the part where you have to defend the forerunner core is near impossible when the enemies spawn right next to it and we spawn 200m away. Especially when encountered on round 2 when no one has good reqs.