How many weekly challenges (capstones) have you completed?

  • All (100%)
  • Most (~75%)
  • Some (~50%)
  • Few (~25%)
  • None (0%)

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Rough estimates with 25% increments. I’ve been growing tired of the weekly challenges…curious how you all are holding up.


Literally not a single one. Not one of them has been worth it IMO haha


For sure. It seems like the last little bit of content I have left in this game, I think I’m grinding them out of spite at this point.

Only the first two. After doing it one time for the achievement there really isn’t any “good” reason to suffer through it.


Yeah I’d say a majority of the weeks have been bad. The sacrifice emblem being the pinnacle lmao.

I hope they at least make the rewards a bit more enticing, or a small bundle of awards, credits….or just something.

I thought about doing this weeks…got about halfway through but then couldn’t even be bothered to even play the game for the last 3-4 days. Literally forced myself to play a handful of games tonight then got bored and pissed off with the terrible connections so turned it off. It’s not worth the hassle for a weapon skin on a gun that I pick up once in a blue moon, doesn’t kill anyone half the time with the desync when I do…and I doubt I’d even use a bright fluorescent skin anyway!

Same here. Only progression left for me :confused:

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Doing the weeklies was a good way to go through the battle pass. Since that is finished the motivation has dropped but given that it’s basically part of going through the event passes as well I’ve still done them.

The rewards haven’t been that “ultimate” though.

Every one I wanted the reward for.

I have no idea what % that is, but I play for events and some of the weeklies I like (weapon skins, coatings, armor, visors etc.) Tend to skip emblems for armor, weapons and vehicles as boring.

I chose 75% but I’ve done every week except for the one armour emblem around the holidays. Couldn’t be bothered as was practically level 100, didn’t want the emblem and with BTB broken I didn’t want to play the game with the limited time I had so I spent more time playing PS5.

With an event on I’ll definitely play tonight, but depends what the unlock is if I’ll play enough to get it. Typically it takes me two days to do playing around 2-2.5 hours each day.

If the reward isn’t great and the event doesn’t add much content like a new playlist then I’ll probably not play much this week as I want to play Pokémon Legends Arceus instead.

some, but only because I was working on the BP. None of the rewards have been worth the time playing a bunch of modes that I don’t like. This week am only going to play enough to get the sol skin from the event and after that I am done, can’t stand fiesta as it is right now

I’ve mainly skipped the backdrop ones.

I did all of them. Just to mix things up and due to lack of any other progression.

only one i sorta cared about was willow tea cause its the only sorta okay coatin for mark 7. other than that i really dont care about emblems

I try to complete the weekly challenges, but after getting matched too many times with sweaty try-hards and toxic players, I’ve given up on the “free” items as the challenges make them too difficult to complete within a set time frame of one week. If I had a month for each and every event, then maybe I would continue playing, but as it is, I’ve given up on the game until the season 2 in May. Hopefully, they will make the progression system easier for novices like myself.

Believe I’ve completed two so far, and I shouldn’t have too much trouble with this weeks since I’m nearly at the final challenge now. It really depends on what the challenge is.

Most of the weekly things really haven’t been worth pursuing so far though. Other wise I’d probably have done more of them.

Pretty sure the only one I didn’t earn was the sniper rifle coating because the challenges were still a huge giant mess and I absolutely wasn’t going to grind game after game to unlock that one.

I usually do them unless the event is Fiesta. Cannot stand that trash and it’s impossible to get them without playing hours of the worst game mode in infinite.

Only missed the 2 weeks during Winter Contingency. I was focused on completing LASO in game, and spent the holidays with my wife and son.

I also didn’t want to deal with the BTB issues which some challenges depend on. I used a swap during the game’s first and second week on release, I have been able to complete the remained without a swap since.

I stopped caring once they started doing emblems. Waste of time.