How many time you spend?

It’s kind of sad, I used to play Halo so much, now after 2-4 matches I get tired, I come back each 2-3 days.

So many bugs and few game modes.

How many matches you last?

I usually keep going to complete challenges until I get forced to play something I don’t want to do example strongholds or until my friends get on

So basically 15 matches usually

If my friends are online it could be 10+ matches but playing on my own, probably about 7 to 8 matches a session.

I play until I loose in ranked and then maybe come back to it.

I play FFA sometimes.

I don’t play everything else so about 15 matches till I stop playing depending on how much I loose

I play 2-4 typically, then gotta play something else. FPS kinda drain my adrenaline now, not like back in the day when I could be hopped up on gamefuel and the reflexes of a 12 year old.
Dopamines shot bruv. Adrenalines shot.

I spend as much time as possible on the game. Thus far I have completed 1,550 matches. By the end of this year I hope to have completed 15,000 matches.

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I play about 11.0222 matches a day…at 992 games played.

Trending downward. I played the 6 matches a day while I was still doing the battlepass. Now most days I don’t play given that BTB is too much of a hassle to get into (unfortunately still the case after the hotfix).

However I often do the weeklies in one or two sittings (that’s around 4 - 6 hours). Given that I’d typically average around 6 matches per hour that would make 24 to 36 matches.