how many symmetrical maps on launch?

a total of 10 maps on disc and launch

  • 1 BTB map [ longbow ]
    1 BTB and multiteam/5v5 larger map like boardwalk on reach [ exile ]
    2 medium size maps for close quarters and social gameplay (swat, snipers, multiteam, slayer, objective) [ Haven, Adrift ]

6 more maps to come!

<mark>how many do you think will be dedicated for symmetrical 4v4 gameplay etc.?</mark>

personally i think 3, the other 3 will be social built

new forge system = more competitive maps then ever!!

previous games:


  • 2 non forge symmetrical maps on disk [ zealot, countdown
    2 DLC maps 1 symmetrical 1 non symmetrical used for competitive [ battle canyon, penance ]

3 symmetrical on disc [ pit, narrows, construct ]
1 non symmetrical still used in MLG [ guardian ]

DLC symmetrical map [ heretic ]

  • many more symmetrical maps that could have been used (mlg wasent as desperate for maps back then) [ assembly etc. ]

Asymmetry in a map doesn’t equate to social gameplay. Asymmetric maps are the most competitive, because they shoehorn players into different roles as soon as they spawn. Symmetrical maps don’t do this - when the game starts both teams are in the same scenarios, and the best plausible set of moves are the same for both teams. Asymmetrical maps have the potential for more strategy than any symmetrical map does, as symmetry only reflects what’s already there - it’s duplicating strategies, not creating new ones; more thinking is required to play an asymmetrical map, and that’s why I deem them to be more competitive. There’s more possibilities to separate yourself from those around you, and “skill” is about doing that. You can’t say one is more skilled than the other if there’s nothing to distinguish.

The idea that symmetry equals competitive gameplay whilst asymmetry doesn’t within the Halo community probably stems from the fact that Halo 2, Halo 3 and Reach had a poor choice of good asymmetrical maps. It doesn’t help either that symmetrical maps are far easier to design, and thus the chances of finding a decent symmetrical map outweighs the chances of finding a decent asymmetrical one. I dare say it’s because level designers have gotten lazy that we’ve got an influx of symmetrical maps and a decrease in asymmetrical ones, and they’re not going to change their ways because the consumers are content, even applauding that decision.

Deathmatch maps have always been asymmetrical, it’s only with the invention of symmetrical gametypes (like two flag CTF) were symmetrical maps called for. Answer me this simple question, is deathmatch a symmetrical or asymmetrical gametype?