How many shaders have you unlocked

Mark VII - I have in total 36 shaders unlocked for this base core its ok but my favorite is the mark V only shaders I like from this core are

Sizzling coral (which I wanna use on my mark V [B] looks really good with Will-O-Wisp visor)
Malmok shore (have not unlocked it)
Electric bubblegum (have not unlocked it)
Scorpion punch (its got a red arm its cool)

Mark V [B] - I have 19 shaders unlocked for my favorite core only shader I have worth using are

Forgotten Sand (baige and a little white sad matches sulfur visor)
Tasman Hunter(looks good with stalwart visor)

Yoroi - I have only four shaders unlocked none of them appeal to me

Rakashasa - Iv unlocked a total of 9 its a cool core but not my style for this core only one i like is

Sunshine Pass ( matches well with wulfenite eyes visor)

Hopefully they will allow us to use all are shader on all are armor soon they probably get it with cross core after co op and forge are done just made this list to show that out of 68 shaders I have in total on my account I only like 7 which is just my personal opinion.

What shaders do you guys like and if you have a color you wanna use on a different core what one is it

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to many… how about i pick my primary and secondary colors… might save a lot of people time money and frustration… just sayen


I think we are all in agreement on that let us pick are colors
And 343 can still make unique shaders for events and the store and whatever

Make everyone happy

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However many are free because this crappy system is predatory

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All we can do is hope but I dont think things are going to change anytime soon and im tired of complaining for a year

So ill enjoy what I can earn buy only stuff I really want and wait till then

Hopefully they’ll figure out they can sell materials, patterns, and color pallets easier, and give us back our freedom of color.

Unfortunately if we don’t stop complaining nothing will change… :confused: it’s sad to say.

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critique and complaining id agree forum is filled with it and is are only tool but also be realistic i dont think the store or system will change anytime soon

And im just specifically today to tired complained alot the last few months would like some good news soon

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MKVII - 35, I like the Platinum Anniversary, Midnight Frost, Violet Gunpowder, Ghost Grey, Cascade Clay, Bluewood Bole

MKV(B), 19, I like Redacted Records.

Yoroi, 6, I like Vermillion Flame.

Eaglestrike, 5, I like Ultramarine Corps and White Tiger

Rakshasa, 7, I like Deep Stalker, Catawba Liver, and Black Coral Bone.

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Funny get me wrong, I agree with that point to. I took a time away for a short bit to breathe and play other things.

I hope good new on cousin’s and shop comes soon too

i don’t know, and i dont really care tbf. The way customization works makes me not bother much.

What do you mean unlocked? This game doesn’t unlock anything. It becomes available after you buy it. Virtually everything is locked behind a paywall and the stuff that’s “free” for the most part looks terrible.

Speaking of buying to unlock. Looks like Scout (Celox) is back again and surprise, surprise it’s the same price as the first day of season 2. They haven’t even reduced the price. Come to think of it I don’t think they’ve reduced the price on anything that’s been a repeat in the store since the start of season 2.

Unlocked doesn’t have to mean earned just mean its locked and I dont have it