How many section 3 datas are there?

I been looking around Halo waypoint and I noticed that some of the datas in the section 3 archives are hidden. I managed to get 9 of the datas and I was wondering how many datas in total are in the section 3 archive of halo waypoint?

While I am not entirely sure what you mean by “datas” I am going to assume you mean the Waypoint Classified section Glyph Sequences used to unlock various special items and EXP. Those can all be found HERE. As well as the official terminal station of our branch.

There is also you can use as a resource. If you have more questions please joint us in the main communications room and any Section-3 operatives not out doing missions or rolling around battling psycho AIs will assist you.

Thank you KeturahVII my waypoint profile is whole again. The missing one called “bullseye” has been uncovered. All 33 rewards have been unlocked. Now I can focus on commendation hunting in H4 again.