How many points in each tier?

Does anyone know? It’s gotta be at least 50, but it seems like more than that. Like I got a +22, but it appeared to be much less than half of the meter.

Probably closer to 100 per tier.

> 2533274799526653;2:
> Probably closer to 100 per tier.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I think it is exactly 100 because I got a -26 (bad t-mates lol) just a minute ago and it appeared to be almost exactly 1/4 of the meter.

Actually 100 per tier makes perfect sense.

If there are 100 points per tier, that means there are 300 per rank.

And with the 5 ranks of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Onyx, that would bring the grand total to 1500.

When you hit the rank of semi-pro after Onyx, you are given a rating of 1500.

Makes sense to me :slight_smile: