How many players over 30 and what is your rank.

I am 56 and I’m usually a high-mid platinum.

around gold 5 or 6 Arena maps only.
Love the bloody game.

I am 57 and don’t play much Arena, I’m a bronze. Overall rank of 125 and not really that good. Eye hand coordination is slipping, started wearing glasses, whatever …

Almost 50…argh…
SR: 146 (nearly at 147), CSR: in most arena types, highest P2, generally Low to high Gold

Other than FFA, I am a random player so very hard to get to higher ranks, however, in world stats (HaloTracker) I sit in the top 1% for almost all categories in Arena.

And I do believe in more experience and patience over younger exuberance.

I’m SR113. Just now diving into the Arena for the first time. Today was my first day and so far I’ve made Diamond 3 in Team Arena.

I guess at 30, I’m the spring chicken around here. I’m SR 138 and usually rank in the low platinums in arena. I’ve already felt my reflexes slipping compared to those 20-somethings I play with, so I can’t even imagine that in my 50s. You guys are great.

Always looking to team up with people in the same age range as me? I play most everyday after 8:00 PM PDT.

I’m 33 and gold 5/6 everywhere ( not so good , I know) . SR 141 now

I´m 42 and usually end up in the mid/high Platinum rank. SR144. Mostly lonewolfing it although as of late I played with some new found friends for a bit. Need a full senior EU/Scandinavian fireteam though lol

I’m 47. Just hit SR145, gonna relax from now on and just play for fun (and a few more Commendations and Campaign Achievements). Rarely play Arena, no idea what my color there is. Lots of Warzone Firefight right now, before that just lots of Warzone (not WZ Assault). And coop campaign with my daughter during visits.

And, yes, the patience that comes with age and experience brings a lot to the gameplay table.

Snap lol I’m also 42, SR142. I don’t play much arena but float around the high golds low platinum. Could prob rank higher if I tried but I usually don’t play much more than my placement matches each season. I’m a WZ kinda guy :wink:

I’m 40. I’ve hit Diamond in team arena but usually high Gold. SR 147…probably won’t make much higher SR because at 40 sitting on my rear playing Halo all winter had a noticeable fitness impact. Took all summer to shake it off. Had to cut back on the xbox time.

Around 60 or something

I am around 98 but in Warzone you can level up fast!

The numerical rank typically has little to do with skill rankings, people who play Arena more (and thus are more likely to be skilled) tend to have lower levels because of the reduced XP received in Arena games.