How many played the Halo 5 beta

Same as title. How many played. I know I did.

Me too, but what’s the objective of the thread ?

I did. What’s your point?

I did, but what is the point of this?

I did, I miss the awesome lighting effects and seeing your shadow on your gun in first person.

<— Look here

I did, but what’s the point of the thread?

I assume this is the official Halo 5 beta fan club thread, and to answer your question I played it as well.

I did as well, and I agree with TruncateComb6. The lighting in the beta was so much nicer than what we have in the final product. I miss it, actually…

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> Same as title. How many played. I know I did.

What is the point of thread exactly ?

I played the beta, not as much as I wanted too. I only got to play it 4 days out of the 2 weeks it was available. I missed out on the beta star emblem; achieve pro ranking in the beta.

I don’t know how many.

I didn’t. Heard it was good though.

As people have mentioned above, there really isn’t a point to this thread.