How many people would like to have the Elites back

What do you think of the Elites for the multiplayer?
should they come back? Personally, it would give it a good touch and in history its inclusion would be good: the inquisitor joins the infinity to fight alongside them and I think they could include them, what do they think?

You should add your thoughts to the Elite Megathread. I’d love to have them back, and I think most people have expressed similar opinions.

We think the same :slight_smile: Thanks for your opinion Happy Place8166

Not my cup of tea… but each to their own as they say.

Why were they taken out of multiplayer in the first place? Was it map/game balance… or something more technical (I remember there being a discussion on different hit boxes etc). Was there enough people playing to justify the time / effort to maintain the sandbox?

Hopefully the new Slipspace engine is more accommodating… and while I can take or leave the Elites… I think it would be awesome to play as Grunts.

I’m genuinely not really fussed if they’re in Infinite’s Multiplayer or not. Their best inclusion was in Reach for Invasion. I don’t think they should be a priority, but I don’t have an issue with them being present in social playlists.

I wouldn’t mind but with 343’s emphasis of shoving the Spartan-IVs at us, I question if it is really worth it at this point.