How many people who like Halo 5

Were actually decent at the other games? I’m curious. And be honest. I can see your service record and will know if you’re lying.

I’m only sort of judging. I’ve only played a couple of games of Halo 5, so I’m still reserving judgement until I get some more experience. There are some things I can already tell are bad, and some other things I’m on the fence about. So far though, it looks like all the people who weren’t particularly good at the other games are loving this, which is a bad sign right off the bat.

I saw some guy on here who said this is the future of Halo, and that if the OP didn’t like it because he was bad he’d have to move on to CoD. I lol’d. Looks like now the shoe’s on the other foot and the former scrubs will get to talk trash and tell the old timers to “adapt”.


I like it. There are definitely lots of things I’d change/add/remove, but unfortunately 343 seem to be treating the Beta as a demo. I haven’t really seen them interact with anybody much so far. They should have set up a forum section for feedback and should have it restricted to approved submitters who are actually willing to give feedback instead of whining. Its sad they they don’t really seem to be acknowledging anybodies concerns about the games current state.

I’m really good at halo. I like this game


I’d like to think I was good at the others, pretty sure several aren’t on this account though.

I dunno, I’m really enjoying H5 so far, only a few minor gripes but nothing major at all.

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> I’m really good at halo. I like this game

I’m sure you do champ.

lol hit me up for customs bro i wanna see how good you are. It just sounds so douchey, but seriously hit me up.

I like it so far. I really like that they don’t have spartan abilities. It feels more fluid. I die and get mad, but then kill other players. The circle continues.

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> > 2533274838030818;4:
> > I’m really good at halo. I like this game
> > 0.97 K/D

It would take me two minutes to get 8 kills to make it positive -Yoink- and I was good at halo 1,2,3. 4 was a departure from the series.

I am loving the game, and it is honestly the best direction since Halo 3.

I wouldn’t say I am particularly good, but I’ve been playing since CE. I’ve spent an hour or so with the Beta, and I honestly don’t like it. It feels absolutely nothing like Halo. I don’t even mind any of the changes or new abilities. The gunplay just simply doesn’t feel like Halo. Halo 4 felt MUCH better in terms of keeping Halo’s movement in tact. It’s a shame too, because I can notice that a lot of the changes that 343 have brought to the table are for the better, and I can tell that they have spent a lot of time thinking through the map designs and weapons balancing.

I LIKE not love, I only love Halo 2-3, the game at the moment, but it might change once we all get used to it. Like Halo 4, every likes it for the few month or so, then after a while you start to see it’s true colors ( Halo 4). Though I already hate how some people are killing me so easily with the AR/SMG at mid range when Im using the BR/DMR, it’s like you have to get a perfect 4/5 shot in order to beat it, while the AR you can miss shots but still have enough in one clip to kill someone in MID range. It’s def getting a nerf too with so many people complaining about it.

And I’ve played since CE, but only competitively in Halo 2. but haveplayed every single Halo since.

I actually love this game, and I have been a fan from the start. I feel like they pulled out most of the bad changes from Halo 4 and added new features that work. It has a great balance of features that make it easy for casuals and still reward competitive players.

I really like it. It feels like Halo 3 to me but I have rocket boots starred on by zip ties. I’ve always been above average and in my city, I got first place in Halo 4 in a free for all tournament. My only complaint is the ARs range, which isn’t bad but since the two maps are so small this week, it kinda makes the BR useless, but I can make do with it anyway


well my kd ratio sucks, and I can’t seem to log into the correct account on here. But honestly I quite enjoy this game. Its like Halo 2 but fast paced, and I say Halo 2 because even though there are abilities they seem well enough balanced, since everyone has them.

I like it

There are a few aspects that I would want changed, but I’m enjoying it a lot, mainly because it’s Halo, and also because it plays a lot like the FPS I’ve been working on for the last 8 years, so I feel right at home with many of the game’s features (like sliding and thrusting).

42 in Halo 3 and fan of esports. Halo 5 is an absolute blast. Not so sure it’ll be very competitive but stop being a wannabe pro and have fun. This game is awesome.