How many of you left Halo 3..

Due to the fact it was outdated? I’ve heard this so many times, I stuck with it (and no this isn’t just because my Reach disk sucks) because I loved it. My favorite is Odst(and 2) but I love three, and never see myself abandoning it without being forced. I love it. Those of you that did leave it, is this the reason?

I still play Halo 3, it’s still one of the best games on LIVE so I’ll continue to play it until the whole entire population gets lower than 100…

oh and on accident I clicked yes in the poll… didn’t mean to… :slight_smile:

All I usually ever did was customs with friends. I racked up over 10,000 custom games (not on this account) with only 500 or so ranked and 900 social. I left due to the fact that all the friends I used to play with moved on to Battlefield or other games. I still have some memories in Theater mode (that I downloaded off of my old account through file share) that I watch from time to time :slight_smile:

I stuck with Halo 3 (even 2 years after Reach) until I relaunched my AI collecting on The Covenant. In a previous game save, out of 19 Brutes, I was short of a single Brute. So when I reattempted it and finally get 20 Brutes, one of my bozo marines decided he should be a badass and charge at the Brutes. I had spent nearly 7 hours trying to get the perfect collection, pushing and driving marines and Elites around non-stop and trying to stop Prowlers from splattering me or driving off cliffs and intercepting a Gauss Hog and Scorpion.

Oh how I hated the checkpoint system! I’d return to Halo 3, if the checkpoints could be infinitely delayed and there were more locations offering them. But until then, Halo 3 is a distant memory. My goals couldn’t be realized without interference.

Only reason why I’m still playing Halo 2 is because of the advantages afforded to me by modding and because the things I attempt were much less punishing if I made a mistake.

Nah, I went left Reach and went back to Halo 3… Halo 3 feels much more relevant to me, oddly enough. Reach, with it’s boring graphics and poor player movement/jump height, feels more outdated to me.

Halo 3 is just more of a challenge in terms of gameplay (sniping is much harder for example), and it’s an especially challenging game, in comparison, while playing against high ranks.

I still play halo 3.I played reach for a bit got bored came back to halo 3 such a better game.

I can’t stand Reach anymore so I’m back to Halo 3.

I left it. Im enjoying Reach, because i have AA’s. And also, i can sprint.

outdated? Halo 3 is never outdated to me. It will be and forever always amazing.

Halo 3 is what got me into MP gaming. I always sucked at it though but I seem to be somewhat better at Reach.
That said I think I enjoyed 3 much better, I still play it a little bit now and then and it’s better without armour abilities
I also think the graphics are much nicer than Reach’s, very smooth and closer to realism imo

I will NEVER leave Halo 3! I will always remain loyal to this game till the end.