How Many of You guys have gotten a perfection?

I’ve done it maybe twice I think. When it happens its usually a total failure for the enemy team and I stop killing halfway through and hide just so they can have a good time without dying immediately.

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> So a few weeks ago, I was play Halo: Reach, in 4v4 in the multiplayer map, Uncaged. I went 24 and zero. And was one kill short of an Untouchable medal. Whew! That was fun.
> How many of you guys have had similar experiences?
> How many of you guys have gotten a perfection medal?

once i had 4 rows of halo CE magnum perfections in halo 5

I have gotten a lot of them in team slayer…a few in rumble pit and one maybe two in swat. They aren’t hard to get if you play smart…alarmingdonkey is the tag I mostly play halo with.

Just checked halo tracker and for alarmingdonkey I have gotten 72…

Yes but isn’t it true that you need to get the medl to truly get it?

2 invincible
3 untouchable
10 perfection
109 extermination - my favourite medal :wink:

All in H5. No idea other titles.

Closest ive ever got to a perfection was finishing a game with a running riot. However, i had died many times before in that match.