How many of you actually cried at the end?

Let’s be honest, the ending of the game is very emotional and pulls at the heart strings. How many of you actually cried at the end of the game?

Well it was about 4am but I got a little sad.

I really appreciate the cinematic and the raw emotion displayed, but I didn’t tear up.

Yeah, I did a little. I feel pretty bad for Master Chief. The scene with him just standing by the window got me.

I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

Was definitely not expecting the Legendary ending to be so…legendary?

Man tears. By which I mean I proceeded into mp and took out my emotions on all the randoms.

The ending was great and very emotional. I understand now how attached I was to Cortana and I felt a lot of grief for the Chief. Plus I don’t think Cortana is dead at all. She just needs to be alone for a while.

I knew it was coming. But I still teared up.

I know she’ll be back though. She better be.

She will be brought back.

Honestly, I didn’t, but I teared up heavily when Dom died in Gears of War 3. That s*** hit me hard lol.

I was already glossy-eyed from the closing cut scenes of Mission 6. But sticking to the books in the Halo Universe and all of the side narrative. Hearing Chief feel actual emotions. (Which was almost never seen by the Spartan-II’s) I was crying. He was so broken, an it was easy to see in the Prologue, and the final cut scenes of Midnight. He lost his home world, actualy said that he WATCHED it get glassed, he was seperated from his squad of Spartans a time back, an watched his teammates die and get injured to the point Cryo was the only thing keeping them alive. And now he lost the only person (A.I.) that really could see his Humanity; Cortana. He truly is different from the other Spartans. Not just luck, but he had a Heart too under all the war an weight of the world, and it was evident. He isn’t just a Soldier. He is a Human.

i didnt cry, i just went to the observation deck and stared out the window.

actaully i teared up real good.

It made me cry to be honest.

Hit me pretty hard. I’ve always loved cortana. Wasn’t expecting that at all. I know she’ll be back though.

meh. it was a little cheesy. I didnt like the way 343 made this more…romantic with cortana…i didnt really care after they over did it like that. She practically wanted to jump his bones at the end and that took all the emotion out of it for me.

“ive waited so long to do that”…sooooo stupid.

When his old worn armor was taken off, i was ready for new battle.

Lets see what kind of looks chief gets in Halo 5 :smiley:

And im sure cortana will return, one way or the other.

am i the only one who wants halo 5’s first campaign level to feature the chief un-armored?

I couldn’t give a rats -Yoink-. I saw it coming from ages back. And if you seriously did have a sook, geez man up.

> Honestly, I didn’t, but I teared up heavily when Dom died in Gears of War 3. That s*** hit me hard lol.

Pretty much how I felt. It was dramatic, and made me very sad… But I didn’t lose myself completely like I did when Dom Died. That … was probibally the most emotional I have ever been with any piece of media. I rewatched it again later and still cried… That was one powerful piece of video game storytelling.

More on topic, the reason I wasn’t so sad is that I feel that there is no way cortana is actually gone. I wouldn’t believe it even if 343 said it themselves. Cortana spent too much time alone with the librarian… I think somethings afoot. In addition, cortana doesn’t say something like "This is it… will I be remembered? " or “Chief, I’ll miss you.” or “Goodbye, John”. instead she just says, welcome home.

I think that this means that Cortana Knew she wasn’t/isn’t going to die. I think that either the libarian did enough work on cortana to help her to come back at some later point, or when cortana attacks the didact, cortana stores herself on the did act. At a later point in the game, when all hope is seemlingly lost, cortana will emerge from the didact. I feel like the librarian told Cortana that chief needs to develop into a full hero without reliance on an AI, so he can achieve what he needs to in the future.

I didn’t cry but I really felt it. I never really thought about it until after I finished the game and I was sitting there thinking 10 years…10 years I’ve spent with her in the chiefs head, telling me where to go, what to do, announcing new dangers and cracking jokes. And now she’s dead. She’s almost as essential a character to Halo as the Chief and now she’s dead and the Chief is alone. I mean I’m sure she’ll be back in some form before the trilogy is over, but for now she’s dead. I think what did it is that I really felt bad for her. Slowly losing control throughout the campaign and apologizing for it the whole time; I could really tell she felt bad that she was putting the Chief in jeopardy and worried she wouldn’t be able to take care of him anymore.