How many maps will be hated?

I’ve noticed over the years that many maps that are shown before a game gets released seem to get a lot of praise, but then become hated by most of the community.

Halo 4 will be no exception, so what maps do you think are liked now that will end up being the most hated maps?

For me, I think Adrift and Complex will be hated maps.


The only maps I really hated over all in any Halo game are the Forge World Reach maps

If a map is hated, it’s usually only by those players who just can’t get the hang of that map and consistently do poorly playing on it. Or if they are aesthetically numb (Reaches forge world maps).

So far, I think all the maps in Halo 4 are visually appealing (With the exception of Haven), and most of them look well built as well. I don’t see myself hating any of the maps.

I think I’ll like them all.

From an competitive perspective? The BTB maps for sure and theres a lot of them in Halo 4. Depending on who you ask, they will either say that Adrift or Haven is terrible for competitive 4v4 (yeah some of those guys at the THC are -Yoinking!- weird). Expect the usual from MLG however, two stock maps edited w/ Sanctuary and Pit remakes from forge.

Of course, we will all our preferences though the more casual oriented tend to like almost everything (nothing wrong with that).

As for myself? I am in the latter group. While Ragnarok was either a hit or miss, i don’t really “hate” any of the maps yet.

Every map will have something that ticks someone off.

Beyond that, my predicted most hated map will beeeeeeeee… I’m actually going to go with Ragnarok. I remember A LOT of complaints against Valhalla in Halo 3… if not that one: haven. Hands down second prediction. Heck, competitive gamers automatically were bashing it when they played it simply because of the handrails!

Yeah, I’ll go firstly with Ragnarok, but a close second of Haven.

One of the amazing things in Halo 2 (best Halo game still IMO, though Halo 4 may change that) was there was not one single map I ever hated, both on-disk and DLC.

For Halo 4 to be even as amazing as Halo 2 (Multiplayer map wise) is to have all the maps, both on-disk and DLC, not hated by me. I cannot hate even one single map.

Now, for on-disk maps, Halo 4 is in the clear. There’s not one map I hate.

For DLC maps… I’ll just have to see…

All the maps will be awful from a competitive standpoint.

You heard it here.

MLG will See The Pit remakes, and the Sanctuary Remakes and all the rage.

From playing the Reach version of Haven, I like it a lot. A bit confusing with all the Forge pieces everywhere, but it feels as smooth as Reach will let it be.
I’m sure there will be maps that I won’t like as much as others, but I won’t know that until we actually get to play them.

I don’t think I’ll “hate” any of the maps. I will say that I’m not to happy with longbow simply because I’m not too fond of dominion.

May really dislike/despise:
Vortex - looks like a -Yoink-
Abandon - buildings look out of place/non-functional and overall layout does not seem fun
Meltdown - loop seems restrictive, especially for vehicular movement. Copious grey rock is a little excessive

May not be fond of:
Adrift - too many long hallways, never been fond of industrial-type aesthetic

the answer is all of them. obviously.
heres why.
player A hates map 1.
player B hates map 2.
player C hates map 3.
if we keep this cycle going then eventually every map is hated by someone. but that doesnt mean someone hates all the maps.

I love them all!

Sword Base.

All of them, because people always need something new to complain about.

It’s not that I hate the maps its the fact the same three maps keep getting played.


If only for the fact the number of complaints about the mantis being OP will equal somewhere in the ballpark of 547 * x^4.

All of them will have haters. That is simply inevitable.

But I think Adrift might be the one to take the cake this time. It looks…less inspired than all other maps shown. Well, perhaps that last grey map they’ve shown is a good contender as well.

I hated all of Reaches maps because they were also spaces in Campaign which offered no variety in environment. As the guy who loves The Library from Halo CE on heroic or harder I believe I’ll like any of the new maps. Especially if someone makes a sweet 4v4 on impact.