How many hours have you logged?

Not enough…

Coming up on 80 hours in multiplayer… plus whatever I did with campaign.

Oh and weekly Tuesday night customs.

Having a blast!

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Yo let me get in on that.

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93 Hours on Steam. I have no urge to play anymore since I’ve already beat the campaign and max leveled the BP in December. They should not have added faster XP earning because myself and my friends have nothing to really work for anymore in this game.
Love Infinite so much but man it needs content ASAP

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227hrs on Halo Infinite
879hrs on MCC

Infinite’s pretty damn fun and I’m way better at it than MCC in general, but the things holding Infinite back is just too much at the moment.

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Enough hours and years of my life spent on halo and this is the worst halo hands down.

Compared to the classic games… so, so few hours. I played all those games to death and back again. This one I must’ve played less than half as much cause it just gets boring so fast with so few maps and modes.

28 days 15hours (687 hours total)

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Wow !! Are you 152 ? I’m only at 112 so far.

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He probably is a “153”, with all that time.

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If you have more than 2 hours of playtime, you likely have more than the development team.

Heres one from halotracker

Thats just for firefight

Halo Infinite - Minutes Played:

7,620 so about 127 hours. Damn.

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Infinite: 242h
MCC (Xbox): 4,314h
MCC (Steam): 1,458h

Unless Xbox tracks my Steam hours in which case I guess ignore 1,5k of those.

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90 hours in Infinite (not sure if the halo tracker number counts the 40ish hours I have in the single player)

125 in MCC (steam) I took a along break from halo around 2016 and only started playing again sporadically, mostly in campaign


So weird…today that screenshot finally loaded.
So I guess ill take that back, but I took it a month ago…
Its just not on any of the usual dvr sites.
Durrrrrrrr i dunno what to do, lol

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not enough to “git gud” and to many to keep playing

249 hours on Halo Infinite
5831 hours on Halo 5
549 hours on MCC

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Less than the person above!

Hopefully more than the person below….

But I doubt it.

I’ve been very conservative with my time.

Four year olds make me question my actions - something that I needed with previous titles.

I’ve logged 381 hours for infinity
And 3462 hours in halo 5 guardians

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Woah, that’s awesome! Thanks for taking the time for an image. I love the kill count above 1m. I also never knew about the halotracker websites before; I need to share that with all my friends. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the days late reply)

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