How many hours have you logged?

I’m sitting at 81. More to come in the upcoming Tenrai week, to be sure.

I was surprised when I saw that! My brother and I have played a good while, but that’s around what I spend on many RPGs. We’ll start up Campaign when co-op becomes available, but we’ve had a good time with multiplayer. We’re at the end of our battle passes, so we’re not playing so much right now. When the battle passes are on their theoretically normal schedule of 3 months each, we may play more consistently outside of events. But yeah, it’s been a good 81 hours! (probably closer to 60 if you subtract the time spent waiting for games to start before matchmaking improved) I wonder if I’ll reach the same 200+ hours I have on Smash Bros :brain:

Pro tip: Spotify has all Halo OSTs. It’s great to turn on the lovely music while we beat up kids online.

In case you don’t know where to view hours played:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide Select Game activity > All achievements
  2. Select a game, then select Stats

PC browser

  1. Sign in at
  2. Select your gamerpic (top-right)
  3. Select Xbox Profile > Achievements
  4. Select a game, then select Achievements again

I have logged only 1d 10h 6m (34 hours) into Halo Infinite. The game left such an insanely terrible taste in my mouth that I never want to touch it again. I don’t even have any hopes up for co-op campaign or Forge because they will most likely be screwed up one way or the other.

By contrast, I have logged a whooping 229 d 23 h 2 m (5,519 hours) into Halo 5 alone! MCC? 979 hours.


178h Infinite
481h Guardians
257h MCC

It’s a shame the legacy stats are unlisted.


Cant wait to get home and check this lol.
Does it work for the older games?

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Currently 124 and a half hours in Infinite with 817 Matchmaking games. To compare for Halo 5, I’ve played 738 Warzone games and 199 Arena games although a bit difficult for me to find my total playtime for 5.

For my personal view, Halo 5 is the one Halo I don’t think of fondly and recoil at the idea of going back to despite having clearly played a fair share of games on it. Once Warzone stopped being fun for me I just didn’t see any other enjoyment for 5.

Infinite, for all its faults currently, nonetheless has a very fun and addicting core gameplay that I think has been improved upon from the older Halos without getting too excessive as 5 did. It has me coming back to play it every week when the Challenges refresh and even as I’m completing those objectives I’m thinking how much I love this game as I get my kills and pull off sick/hilarious plays.

Currently my weekly ritual of playing the game, completing the Challenges before the weekend, and then playing other games while I wait for the Challenges to reset (unless my friends or family are online to play some more BTB for the fun of it) has kept me from burning out on the game during the wait for Season 2 and additional content.

As many stumbles as this game has had so far, I at least enjoy it enough to wait and see if 343 will be able to bring it to the state that it could - and should - be.

That does suck.
343 did all they could to erase the og game history and stats.
I cant even upload the screens i took of my final reach and halo 3 stats, which means they took it to a whole new level of hate

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177 - Infinite
191 - MCC


Mcc- 16 days 8 hours 36 minutes
Halo 5, lol- 88 days 5 hours 54 minutes

Halo infinite- 13 hours 26 minutes.
And im pretty sure its that much in infinite because Ive fallen asleep twice while it was on in the background.
Too bad I cant see reach or halo 3.
Time played in those wouldve been years, probably.
Thanks OP, didnt know about this.


Infinite: 295h
MCC: 735h

Halo is really the only multiplayer game I play so I dedicate a lot of time to it.

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Wow, that’s impressive! I’m glad you loved Halo 5 so much. I do hope this game might improve the way MCC did since it was awful in the beginning, but it eventually became wonderful.

Wow, not bad! Your time in MCC is probably about what I spent in total on all the games individually. I agree, it is a shame that we cannot see legacy stats. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I appreciate the detail in hearing about your experience! Whenever I think of Infinite’s problems, I think of how MCC was basically unplayable in the beginning, but they worked on it until it became amazing.


Dang, that sucks. I would have loved to see those screenshots, too.

Lol, that’s hilarious about falling asleep with infinite!

I thought I played a lot of the MCC games (mostly in their legacy form as opposed to MCC), but your time is impressive! My estimates on game time back in the day would only bring me to a few hundred between all games. My friends and family probably spent the most time on Halo 1, but many good times were had with the entire series.

Heh, I’m happy to help! I only recently learned how to see my Xbox game hours and thought there were probably other people out there who might not know.

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I’m on 120 hours so far. Only game I’ve played since November :joy:. Game has plenty of flaws and a lack of content, but still having fun clearly

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96 hours.

This is the least amount of free time I’ve ever had to game so most my time is being spent on Infinite.

I played H5 about 30-50ish I think. MCC I’m unsure.

Halo 3 I poured in about 10,000 hours.

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Relatable. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


160 hours, haven’t played much for a month

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I’ve got around 115 hours. And I have nearly every achievement already (I’m only missing four). And I’ve completed the battle pass. There really isn’t a lot of content to work with. I’ve been playing around with other games like Fnaf Security Breach. And I’m probably going to play more Elden Ring once it releases.

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The forum doesn’t allow direct linking, but when i have some free time ill upload and try to link a few.
Really wish I knew how many hours I sunk

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