how many halo games will there be?

ok, so far throughout the halo series, chief has destroyed 2 halo rings. In halo 1 and in halo 3, and i doubt we will destroy one in halo 4. Now 343 did say that if they continue to make money from halo games, they will contunue to make more until the day when every one is over it, and they make nothing from it, they will pack up and announce “thats it!”

Id expect halo 5 to be set on a halo ring since chief will obviously be rescued and taken back. And i hope halo 4 ends with a warthog rin away level like on halo 1 and halo 3, cause its the pirfect tradition.

as far as it is, destroying halo rings seem to be a pattern of odd numbers. Eg: halo 1 destroyed a halo ring. halo 2 did not. halo 3 destroyed a halo ring, halo 4 probably wont.

So if this pattern continues, we will eventually be playing up to halo 11, or unless he destroys several in 1 game i dont know.

Id be pretty pissed if halo ends before the 6 rings are destroyed, but what can i do?
and id be pissed if chief died in the last halo game, as it will be one of those big journey, death games like red dead redemption, and will leave fans comitting suicide because their favourite game character died.

and also, id love just to skip through time and check out halo 5-6 and see the difference.


To my knowledge, there were 7 rings.

Well like you said microsoft/343I will keep making Halo games until they decide not to. But remember 343I was built as a Halo dev (but could change later on you never know).

Apparently there is a greater ark, so that could re build the rings? =P

> To my knowledge, there were 7 rings.

12 total.

As long as people keep buying the HALO games they will keep making them…

Even if the story runs out of HALO RINGS do destroy the could always just find something else

As long there’s a demand for Halo there will be Halo games. If no one buy the games there will be no more Halo.

As long as they keep making good Halo games, they can make 1000 for all I care.

> As long as they keep making good Halo games, they can make 1000 for all I care.

agreed, the halo universe is large enough that they really won’t run out of story, I just hope MC is there through it all, he is really what makes the game for me.

While the Halo Universe is large enough, I don’t want them to milk Halo. I’d like for them to have a story and finish telling it by Halo 6.

Also, I don’t think they should take each and every idea they have for a game and make it into its own game. If you are going to let us play as someone else, then do it in the Reclaimer saga. If they put all their ideas in this one saga then Halo will go out with a bang. I don’t want them to do it one at a time. Halo 11? At that point only Halo fans would buy it(Even though us fans are all that matter).

Still, if they end it they should end it because they found a suitable conclusion. Not because they ran out of money.