How many games do you have to win to rank up?

Hello, I have 4 onyx rankings and I’m trying to get my 5th. However, I have played TONS of games, going up and down, winning about 80% of them. How many games would I need to play to rank up from a Diamond 4 to a Diamond 5? Can somebody really really explain how the ranking up system works AFTER you’ve already been placed in a division?

Thanks for answering guys. Love the support.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. I was ranked Plat 1 in Swat. Today I played 5 games and went 4-1 and ranked up to Plat 2. I played 4 more games and went 3-1. Still Plat 2. I’ll let you know when I get more info. I’m guessing that the higher you are the more you have to win to rank up

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> Thanks for answering guys. Love the support.

I’m guessing no one knows. I know if H3, if you won/lost a lot at a certain level, you got rank locked since the game decides if you’re going 50/50 at this level then it must me exactly where you belong. It would take long perfect win streak to break out of such a lock. Just my guess.

You need a certain win loss ratio. For watch rank

If you could make your own game mode what would it be?

this exactly i was wonder today, i started to play ranked again, i played like 6 or 8 games, 60% win and got to gold 2. i do not know if thats a lot or a little.

From experience it differs with each game and rank . If your a high rank and win or lose to equal ranked players you go up and down the scale in small increments. However if your a high rank and lose to lower ranked players ( let’s say you and your team all being diamond lose to a team of all plats ) then your rank decreases sharply . This is also true in reverse ( for example if your in a team of all plats and you beat a team of all diamonds then you rank up quickly) . My experience of ranking is game and players dependent differ the outcome . The key is consistency. If your good enough to rank up and you play solo it’s just a matter of time ( and a bit of luck )

It averages the csr of both your team and your opponents and bases the csr you gain/lose off that. If you beat a team with a higher collective csr then you will gain more, if they have a lower csr then you gain less. It works the opposite way for losing.

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