How many Battle basses am I expected to buy?

I have always avoided games like Fortnite, Apex: Legends, Destiny 2 and other free to play games due to the endless need to pay for seasons. I gave Halo Infinite a try last night and Not only did it take me all night to get to level 2, but all I got for that work was a new back ground for my IS and a token to swap a challenge. ALL other rewards are locked behind the season pass! I have already paid for my full version of Halo infinite and the pay structure of the Season Pass means I will have to pay an other $45 to get 5000 point to buy the 2300 season pass. How long will I have to keep paying to play a game that I already bought?


one every few months, the battle pass isnt necessary of course. If the price is a problem, you can buy the cheaper one. As for the BP, you have the rest of eternity to unlock it, like literally. They will not disappear after three months.

The actual idea of the battle pass is not even an issue the game is free. The way to earn XP towards it and the lack of career progression is. This is for all intents and purposes going to be the Halo MP experience for the foreseeable future so buy the passes you like the cosmetics. They never go away.

No you paid for campaign. The MP is free and will remain free forever.

Buy the $10 one then…

I have a feeling their money-grab model was designed by some outside contractor who works on other free-to-play games. No outside-the-box thinking, whatsoever, and especially does not understand the Halo consumer.

On the bright side, the features are “unfinished” it seems, so maybe they can change it and act like it was their plan not to be like that all along, lol