How long will it take

For halo’s designers to realize that halo reach’s maps are too focused around close quarters for power weapons! Rocket launcher + jetpack on uncage=broken! energy sword+sprint=broken! PLEASE fix the amount of power weapons in MM, there should be like one oon the map and thats IT.

Remove jetpack.

Remove sprint.

Remove all AAs.


There’s nothing wrong with the power weapons, and the core design of most of the maps is fine. If anything more power weapons need to be put on maps.

There IS nothing wrong with power weapons. There IS something wrong with AAs, you are correct on both of those points. What im saying is that power weapons dont work with AAs AND reachs maps. Not that reachs maps are BAD, its just that the majority of the time you can’t see that someone has a rocket launcher and adjust before you are dead, because they sprint out of a corner or jetpack from the bottom floor.

Well i understand explosives are supposed to be well… explosive but the blast radius is just to huge on the rocket launcher and grenade

Well hopefully the CEA remake maps will help correct this problem