How long will it take to fix this game?

Any opinions or guesses? Im thinking it will be probably February, maybe a little earlier, but that’s my guess.


343-265 days= You’re welcome


A complete fix of every issue identified? Never. 343 will most likely start phasing full force back into Halo 5 and Halo 5 promotional PR spin come 2015. The major issues? I would say by spring of next year some time. With matchmaking tuned enough to be acceptable in time for Christmas holiday sales. This opinion is based off their current track record with patching, and how long it took them to fix issues with Halo 4. At some point fixing this game, or attempting too, is going to hurt them more than help in terms of cost/profit ratio. They will most likely fix MCC to the point it works enough where a majority of the community forgets or quiets down on the issues and then start the “Halo 5 is the next best thing since Oz” marketing campaign.

I’ll hold out for Halo MCC, but the community is already mostly gone. Its only been a month and going solo I get matched up to the same people multiple times a night on team slayer etc.