How long this fail festival will continue?

I’ve played today 6 games H2A, and only one of them was 5 vs 5, others were 3 vs 5 and 4 vs 5 and my team always -Yoinking!- always was at disadvantage. This happend among the search stucking and other bugs.
So the question is when it will be -Yoinking!- fixed? U making halo 5 but every second person who bought YOUR Halo MCC hates your company , maybe u already make something with this piece of -Yoink- multiplayer? Im -Yoinking!- mad u can ban me from this forum but it’s your fault, your game made me so much nervous, it’s -Yoinking!- ridicolous.

Yea anyone who would buy Halo 5 after this… its your duty as a gamer and a consumer to vote with your wallet is all you can do. If you must get Halo 5 buy it used from your local game store. Dont let corporations do this to you.