How long does an XP boost last?

I used one and it still seems to be active.

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> I used one and it still seems to be active.

tbh I never noticed how long does it stay, but it might be around 4-5 as I have played 4 games yesterday with the boost on, but forgot to keep looking after.

It’s broken… They never disappear after you use them but yes the effect does wear off. They are single-use (of course, if you only have one.)

until the game ends leaving you with a team of 2 players because the others quit.

I’ve had a few that seemed to linger, but I think they only have their effects one time. They continued to be displayed, but I don’t think I got any additional bonuses after the first match. I haven’t confirmed yet because I usually forget to check.

i think anything above common shows that it’s still active but I’m not sure if it actually does carry over between matches or not. Been wondering this as well since it seems all the rare/ultra rare xp and rp bonus’ seemed to stay on as long as I stayed in the lobby.

If you have more than one, it will continue its usage usually. Usually.