how long do XP PACKS stay?

Hello everybody , how does the rotation for special packs works ? Is it changing ervery tuesdfay ?

Sometimes packs stay for 2 weeks, but assume they could be removed at any time. It’s better to sell extra reqs off now and buy as many as you can (also grind some matches this week), because you can always rebuild your req collection after they are gone and you don’t have anything else to spend points on.

Hopefully they stay for a while but there is no schedule and it can be taken off at any moment so I am operating as if everyday is the final day to get those packs. They have become my sole obsession as long as they are in game.

I had nearly 1.5 million RP saved up for the first 10 packs and have been selling everything I can between matches for a few more. Should last me a good minute with the 80 WZ boost and 40 more Arena Boosts I can still go through at least a few days of grinding but it will be a drop in the bucket all things considered.